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We provide the highest standards in the rug cleaning industry. Our goal is to deliver completely clean rugs by eliminating all of the soils, spills, stains, allergens and odors from your rugs. We, the owners, are personally involved with every service to ensure quality.

2 Ways to Have Your Rug Cleaned With Khazai

Schedule a Free Pick-up

Leave it up to us. Not only will Sophia and our trusted staff come to you to retrieve the rug we also:

  • Move all of the furniture that might be on or around the rug
  • Cleaning any dirt, dust, or debris that may lie underneath
  • Load the rug into our certified Khazai Rugs Vehicle
  • Hand clean in our state of the art facility
  • Deliver the rug back to your home
  • Prep and clean the area for placement of the rug
  • Place the rug/rugs
  • Replace the furniture in the desired position

Receive a 20% Discount

Bring your rug to any of our state of the art facilities where we will give your investment the VIP treatment.

  • Receive a discount for just saving us the travel and labor
rug cleaning
White Glove

White Glove Service

At KRC we believe that your experience is most important. With our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE, you don’t have to lift a finger. Not only do we pick up and deliver your rugs, but we also:

  • moving2 Move Furniture
  • Prep and clean the area for rug placement
  • Replace furniture

At NO CHARGE to you. All so you can have the one of a kind Khazai Experience


The KHAZAI Store Family

KRC is based on the principles and strong foundation of over five decades of experience in professional rug cleaning services. Our team has some of the most experienced people available to help you with any rug need. The team is what makes Khazai so great.  Learn more about the story of this team.

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