Benefits of Rug Pads

Rug padding serves a number of different purposes for your rug. Most importantly, it prevents your rug from sliding on your floor or buckling up when you have furniture on it. The sliding and buckling of your rug can cause injury to yourself or others, which is why it’s important to avoid this risk. As an added plus, rug pads can also protects both your floor and rug from damage.


A rug pad is designed with a surface that will stick to both your floor and your rug. It helps to hold the rug in place while also preventing shifting and slipping. Rug pads help to keep your rug flat. Without a rug pad it could bunch or knot up, which could cause accidents and falls.

CLEANLINESS rug padding

Most rug pads have ridges or bumps that allow for air to flow between your rug and the floor. This increased air circulation helps prevent the occurrence of mold, mildew, and odors by stopping buildup of bacteria under your rug. The ridges and bumps of the rug padding also helps trap dirt particles that can become embedded in your rug, and allows for easier vacuuming.


Over time, dirt and debris naturally accumulates underneath rugs. This dirt can damage your floor by scratching your hardwood floors or wearing down your carpet. A pad helps to prevent dirt and grime from collecting under your rug. A pad also helps prevent dye transfer, marring, and staining to the floor or carpet beneath. Rug pads act as an extra layer of protection for preventing wet spills from reaching the floor or carpet beneath your rug and damaging it.


Cushioned rug pads offer a comfortable yet durable buffer that provides a plush and soft area underfoot. Pads also help block the transference of sound from your feet to the floor.

Rug pads are specific to the type of flooring underneath – if you have carpeting, make sure you purchase a rug pad made specifically for carpeting. The same goes for hard floorings. Don’t use a pad for carpet for a hardwood floor – they are not made the same and will not give the comfort and protection your floor needs.

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