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How to keep your rug clean | Carpet Maintenance Tips

How to keep your rug clean | Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpets are not furniture to buy yearly and replace with old ones. Once they enter your house and cover the floor, they will stay there for years! So, there’s nothing more important than maintaining your carpets properly and keeping them always clean and fresh. In this article, you’ll learn some carpet maintenance tips to help you increase their durability for a lifetime and still look like you just bought them yesterday! 

5 tips to increase the carpet maintenance

To increase carpet durability, there are a few things to do and things you need to avoid. But don’t worry, no professional or expert job is needed! Not knowing what could be harmful to the carpets is somehow common among us. So, let’s see what you can do to keep your carpets or rugs clean and well-maintained. 

Clean your shoes before entering the house

Much dirt or mud is placed under the shoes. By walking on the carpets with your shoes on, you keep adding lots of dirt to the carpets in your house. That’s why cleaning your shoes is essential before entering the house and walking on the carpets. 

Clean your shoes before entering the house

Additionally, you can set a rule which prohibits others from walking on your favorite traditional oriental rug so that you can keep it clean and away from dirt. 

Remove the stains the moment they appear on the carpets

No matter how careful you are when drinking or eating, there’s always a chance of spilling something on the carpet. It’s inevitable! Therefore, always keep an eye out for stains on your carpet and remove them properly before it’s too late. There are several blogs on the website teaching you how to remove each type of stain. Check them out, and you’ll learn a lot about how to get rid of stains on your carpet or rug. If you’re dealing with pet stains, we also have expert advice on rug pet stain removal.

Move and rearrange the furniture 

Sofas, beds, tables, or any other furniture located on the floor tend to leave some dents on the carpets under it. Dents on the carpets are difficult to remove, giving them an unfavorable look. Therefore, you should change the position of your furniture once awhile.

Vacuum your carpets regularly

Vacuuming your carpets every week prevents the dirt from piling up and making them look dirty. It is also crucial for your pets and children’s health as their face has direct contact with the carpets.

Handle the pet problems properly 

By having pets in your place, you need to pay attention twice to your carpets as it makes it more difficult for you to keep them clean every day. So here are a few tips for your carpet maintenance: 

  1. Watch out for the carpet’s edges since dogs love chewing that area! Train them well to avoid chewing your carpet’s edge. 
  2. Your pet hair loss might happen a lot, so, it’s best to remove it using a squeegee.
  3. Get the pee stains out of the carpets or rugs immediately. Not sure how? This article gives you the best solutions. 

Get professional help

Your carpets will be dirty after a while, and you must wash them after all. Cleaning rugs or carpets is not an easy task. It takes lots of time and experience to know how your carpet should be cleaned and what ingredients are needed. Therefore, you can always leave it to our experts to take care of it. Khazairugcleaning’s team is here to help you out with cleaning and repairing your carpets and increasing their maintenance. So why don’t you just request a quote and let us know how you want your carpet professionally cleaned?

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What to avoid to have a well-maintained carpet?

To keep your carpets beautiful and clean for a long time, there are certain things you should avoid. Some of them are just habits that can damage the rugs over time.

Don’t pull carpets’ or rugs’ snags

Snags can sometimes appear on your rug. Do not pull them, as it damages that area and gets worse. Instead, you just need to clip them right away before they stretch longer.

Don’t place heavy furniture on the carpets

As mentioned before, rearranging the furniture is important to prevent dents on the carpets. That said, it pays off not to place heavy furniture on the carpet, such as big closets or refrigerators. The heavier it is, the harder it is to remove the dents. 

Don’t place the carpets directly in exposure to the sun

When the carpet is overexposed to the sun, it leads to fabric damage and color changing.  Therefore, you should keep your carpets away from sun exposure. 

Eat somewhere else!

Spilling things on the carpets or rugs is inevitable, as mentioned before. However, you can reduce the chance of stains appearing on the carpets by eating your food in a room covered with no carpet. This way, you won’t have to worry about stains.

Now with these carpet maintenance tips mentioned previously, you know the dos and don’ts of carpet cleaning and maintaining. But don’t forget that you can always rely on professionals to help you extend the life of your carpet.  

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Author: David Khazai

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