how to get white wine out of rug

How To Remove White Wine Stain From Your Rug

When it comes to champagne or white wine stain, it can pretty much happen at any event such as birthdays, weddings, parties.  That’s why it is one of the most common stains that you will need to know how to remove and the steps that are involved.  Below we have outlined the most beneficial way […]

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how to remove red wine from rug

How To Remove Red Wine Stain From Your Rug

There are several ways to remove a red wine stain, but a few of our favorites are proven to be the most beneficial.  Below we outlined a few methods to get red wine out of the rug. We also included an alternative method just in case the red wine stain has had a chance to […]

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how to get milk out of rug

How To Remove Milk Stain From Your Rug

Milk is the best nutrition for starting a day, especially for kids. It’s made up of water, fat, lactose, minerals, and trace other substances. When it comes to removing milk stain from a rug, it can be pretty hard to clean because it is made up of so many different integrants that are so sticky. […]

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how to remove tea stain from rug

How to Remove Tea Stain From Your Rug

Tea delights our mood in the early morning and after every meal, but when your tea drips, splashes, or spills, it leaves awful marks on your rug. Fortunately, you can remove any tea stain with a little effort and elbow grease in just a few minutes!  Firstly, you can begin by blotting up the tea […]

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