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How to Get Smell Out of a Rug and Replace It With a Delightful Aroma

Area Rugs refresh our homes with their eye-catching colors and abstract patterns. These incredible works of art can magically keep their value and restore their original look regardless of damages and defects. The natural silk and woolen fibers of area rugs have a very satisfying aroma as well. But some factors such as pet stains […]

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Dust on rugs

How to Deal With Dust On Handmade Rugs

One of the most common problems of any household anywhere in the world is dust on rugs. Those gray tiny, lightweight particles cover up any surface on your home, giving a hint to anybody that this house has not been cleaned. Pain in the neck, isn’t it? This is not just about the unpleasant look; […]

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how to keep your rug last forever

Clean Rugs To Make Them Last Forever

Your home needs a centerpiece, an item to create harmony among all the furniture, and decor items to give a complete vibe. Nothing accomplishes that better than area rugs, especially on hardwood flooring. Rugs are precious artworks that do not lose value over time, like other decor items, and gain even more. So, they can […]

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how to identify a handmade rug

How to Identify A Handmade Rug

Selvage is derived from the word self-edge and refers to the end sides of a rug. Different rug types have different selvages. For instance, an oriental handmade rug has only two selvages only on the long corners, while Navajo rugs have selvages on each one. The function of a selvage is to keep the rug […]

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quick tips to buy a rug

HOW TO: 3 Quick Tips to Buy A Rug

Before you go shopping for a rug, you should take a few moments to prepare for your visit to the showroom. Being prepared with a few quick tips can save you time and frustration later. What to think about before a shopping trip? You should consider rug size, color, and price. Here are a few tips on how to buy a rug from the experts:

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why rotate your rug

HOW TO: Rotate Your Rug

Your oriental rug is an investment that can appreciate in value over time– but a damaged rug is a much less valuable rug. If you don’t take care of your rug properly, its value can diminish pretty quickly.  One little-known fact is that rotating your rug frequently can actually help preserve the life of your rug […]

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