Top 5 Reasons You Need a Certified Appraisal for Your Handmade Rugs

why certified appraisal for handmade rugs

Take a look at these two rugs. They look quite similar, don’t they? So you probably suppose their prices should be almost the same. But in fact, the rug on the right is $30,000, and the rug on the left corner is $299!

Mind-blowing, right? This highlights the fact that you should never trust your naked eyes for evaluating a rug. It’s significantly crucial for you to be aware of the real value and condition of your rug. You will need this correct information to ensure its originality, re-sell it at a fair price, and get insurance for your rugs as a reliable sort of investment.

Not all rugs, such as machine-made ones, are not worth it to be appraised, and Rug Appraisal is a profession that should be done by a certified Rug Expert. They validate the appraisal document to the state and national authorities. This article will tell you the factors that you need a certified appraisal for your handmade rugs.

1. Rug’s Age

Age comes first while assessing a rug’s condition. Rug upper 100 years old are usually categorized as Antique, and they are among the most admired ones. Antique rugs have the potential to pass through your family as a legacy of your great taste in art. So you and your descendants need to get a Rug Appraisal to ensure the rug’s antiquity

2. Rug’s Origin

Just like any other artwork, the origin and the story behind it are paramount. To illustrate that point, Antique Rugs from Iran and Turkey always have significant value because of their rareness. Having the correct information on the rug’s origin is crucial and can be done only by an experienced Rug Expert. The appraiser checks the motifs, color, and texture of the rug to find out its real origin and compares it with the one that is claimed to be. That way, you prevent being scammed by some dealers that sell high-copy rugs instead of antique ones.

3. Rug’s Current Physical Condition

With time passing by, old rugs might get frayed fringes, holes, or loose foundation as well, which utterly harm the value. However, the damaged rug can regain its value if repaired correctly by a well-experienced Rug Repair Expert. So while getting an appraisal for your handmade rugs, make sure the document includes all the factors relating to the rug’s current condition in great detail.

4. Rug’s Design and Pattern

You could regard rugs as hand-knotted paintings, colorful, beautiful, and meaningful. The rug’s design is where the rug weavers tell their stories as artists, making it of great importance. Some rugs have fabulous, deeply conceptual patterns and symbols, while some are nothing but a dull bunch of threads together.

Although one can’t measure beauty, the aesthetics and charm of a rug should be assessed by rug experts. They should have a comprehensive understanding of various rug patterns and symbols from different regions of the world. Just like how a painting is judged by the concept that it draws, rugs are also evaluated according to symbols and concepts they represent. For instance, Kashan, Heriz, and Kerman rugs have an exceptional value in the market due to their unique pattern.

Low Price Rugs
High Price Rugs

5. Rug’s Material and Craft

The material does not solely define a rug’s value but plays a great role in it. Among various materials that are used for rugs, silk is the most desirable. That is because of its delicate thread that allows hundreds of knots in a single square inch. Wool, cotton, and jute are also great for weaving a precious rug.

While assessing a rug’s construction, the number of Knots Per Square Inch [AKA kspi] is always measured. It is somehow like the way people check a car’s horsepower, knowing it does not necessarily define the car’s performance but gives a good hint of it. Along with a relatively high KSPI, a rug should have a matching color, fine material, and design to gain value. KSPI can vary from 50 up to 1000. Generally, a rug with more than 300 KSPI is considered “very good quality,” and most of the tribal wool rugs have around 100.

Where to Get a Rug Appraisal Certificat?

All in all, if you have a handmade rug or you’re willing to have one, it would be best if you get an appraisal for it from a certified Rug Expert. Khazai Rug Cleaning , relying on five generations of fine experience with rugs, offers you the best Rug Appraisal Service in Louisville and Lexington, KY, which all state national courts and authorities accept.

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