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    Keeping your rugs clean is the most important factor that greatly increases the useful life of your rugs. Soil, dust, sand, bacteria, dust mites, pet urine and vomit are among many contaminants that get trapped in the foundation of your rugs. These all need to be removed properly or your rugs will not be clean. This soil, sand and dust not only reduces the luster and beauty of your rugs, but also causes excess wear which will greatly reduce their value over time. This is why your rugs must be cleaned regularly.

     Khazai Rug Cleaning is the most experienced and well-known rug cleaning service in Louisville and surrounding areas. Our experts clean all kinds of rugs, from flat-weaves to antiques. We will pick up your rugs free of charge (within 25 miles) and will return them to you usually within 3 to 4 business days.

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    Our Rug Cleaning Packages

    Express Wash

    Protect your investment with professionally cleaned area rugs by the best around! Our Express Wash 10 step rug cleaning process is the best rug cleaning service from Louisville to Lexington KY.

    Select Wash

    Our Select Wash rug cleaning service is a completely organic approach with careful attention to the pH levels present in the various components of your Oriental, Persian or Antique rugs and is the best rug service in Kentucky.

    Premium Wash

    Our Premium Wash is the only rug cleaning service in our facility that gives you the top rug cleaning result to sustain the appreciating value of your fine area rug. The superior Kentucky rug cleaning service Khazai has to offer. 100% organic & pH driven cleaning.

    Water Damage Cleaning​

    Khazai Rug Cleaning services specializes in water restoration of all sorts and is the best rug cleaning solution from Louisville to Lexington. From urine damage, child or pet puke and more, we guarantee a solution to your Persian, Oriental and antique Rug problems.

    Urine Treatment​

    THe best rug urine treatment for your Persian, Oriental and antique rugs across KY. We guarantee 100% urine odor removal and anywhere from 60% to 70% of discoloration being fixed. Most of the time the stain will be gone 100%. Organic & pH driven.​


    When it comes to local cleaning services for your Persian, Oriental and antique rugs Khazai Rug Cleaning services is the best in all of Kentucky. if you are facing any other dirt (e.x pet or child puke) on your rug, our team of experts will clean it for you.

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    We take pride in delivering best service and customer care

    “Nice area rug cleaning, fringes fresh and super friendly service! Above and beyond expectations.”

    Maureen Sloan

    “It looks brand new. It’s beautiful…BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!”

    Catherine Vest
    cleaning customer

    “This rug was in terrible shape and had all kinds of problems and it looks GORGEOUS! It’s just BEAUTIFUL”

    Cara Martin
    Cleaning & Repair customer

    Our cleaning process

    step 1



    An essential step in the rug cleaning and repair process is the initial inspection of the rug. At Khazai Rug Cleaning, our expert knowledge allows us to identify all aspects of your oriental rugs to determine the best treatment and cleaning techniques.

    step 1

    step 2



    Your grandma was right when she would beat the rug outside. Dusting a rug is the single most important step in the cleaning process. Oriental rugs collect dirt, grit, and dust over time which can cause premature wear to your rugs and to your health.

    step 2

    step 3



    The best way to deep clean a handmade, wool rug is to flood it with water. We do this by completely submerging the entire rug. Similar to the centuries-old method of washing area rugs by immersing them in the cold water flow of a mountain-fed river.

    step 3

    step 4



    When it comes to actually cleaning your rug, we use completely natural chemicals that are best suited for your particular rug and situation. Your rug is then scrubbed thoroughly, pulling out any excess dirt and odors which are trapped inside the fibers.

    step 4

    step 5



    After cleaning the entire rug we then rinse the rug with fresh water to remove any remaining detergents. We use rollers to flush out the majority of the detergent(s) from the rug.

    step 5

    step 6



    Extraction is the process of removing the remaining water in a rug after rinsing. Using a powerful extractor, we remove most of the moisture from the rug as quickly as possible.

    step 6

    step 7



    Assuring all moisture is removed from the rug is very important. We suspend the rug on a drying rack and use air movers to quickly and thoroughly dry any remaining moisture.

    step 7

    step 8

    Fringe Cleaning/Grooming

    Fringe Cleaning and grooming

    In the ending stages of the cleaning process. We focus on detailing the fringe. Once again, this is done by hand. We pay special attention to giving the fringe an even and bright appearance. If your rug has a type of pile that tends to come loose and stick out over the rest of the rug’s pile, then our professional grooming will help trim these parts down to give your rug a smooth, flat surface.

    step 8

    step 9



    This is the last step of the cleaning process is finishing. Finishing requires a well-trained eye for detail. During the finishing we soften the fibers of your rug, giving you a soft and clean rug that is as fresh as when it was brand new.

    step 9

    step 10

    Final Inspection

    final inspection

    Our expert staff takes a final look over the rug to ensure the rug is in peak condition before being returned to the customer. At Khazai Rug Cleaning, we are committed to providing the very best rug cleaning services.

    step 10

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