How To Remove Bleach Stain From Your Rug

Bleach is our friend when it comes to sanitizing an area. However, an area rug might be the last place you want bleach touching. Bleach stain is pretty common, and while you can’t restore the color that the bleach has already removed, you can fade out the stain and make it less of an eyesore.

You can follow these guidelines to remove bleach stains and restore your rug to its former beauty.

Note: Bleach stain is one of the most destructive stains to natural-fiber rugs. If the method below didn’t work out on your rug, call our rug repair experts for a rug color restoration undo the damage and bring back your rug’s first-day look.

  1. Make a homemade solution

    Mixing two tablespoons of white vinegar for every four cups of warm water is a simple neutralize the bleach stain. 
    Before applying the mixture to the stain, ensure that all bleach has been rinsed from the rug, otherwise, a chlorine gas that is harmful to our health can be released.

  2. Apply the solution until the color returns

    After rinsing the spot, apply the solution to the stain. Then, repeat the process until some of the colors have returned to the rug.

  3. Use S.T.

    If this simple fix doesn’t restore any color, you can try sodium thiosulfate (S.T.). Soak a white cloth with the S.T. and dab the bleach stain until the fibers are saturated (much like the process of applying white vinegar.)

  4. Dry the rug

    Remove the S.T. from the rug with cold water, and repeat the process until desired color restoration is reached. Make sure the rug is entirely dried after the whole stain removal process is over.

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