Rug Cleaning


For many of you, your area rug and oriental rugs are significant investments in your home decor. Rugs add warmth, color, and personality to every room. In fact in many parts of the world, they say “the rug is the soul of the room”. Your rug will last for decades if it is maintained regularly by a professional rug cleaning company.

Most of the time, rug owners are lured in by price and have their carpet cleaner come clean the rug on site, which is the worst possible choice. Other times they give the rug to dry cleaners who do not know anything about the rug’s origin, material, or fabric content. When it comes to cleaning and washing area rugs, a professional, specialized rug cleaning company is your best choice for protecting your investment. Even better, we are green rug cleaners, using 100% green solutions that won’t harm you or your rug.

Khazai Rug Cleaning is the oldest rug cleaning company and has been offering rug cleaning services in Louisville and Lexington for over 30 years. We are the only company who has an in-house cleaning facility and professional rug cleaning staff. We also have master weavers on staff who are experts in rug repair and restoration.

At Khazai, we have over 10,000 rug repairs and 5,000 rug appraisals in our portfolio. Cleaning area rugs is our specialty and we have professionally cleaned over 40,000 rugs. With two convenient locations in Louisville and Lexington, we provide rug cleaning services for most of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Come see us or give us a call today!


At Khazai rug cleaning, our expert staff starts with identifying the origin of your rug. With close inspection of the foundation, knots, fringe, kilim, color, pattern, and pile fiber density we can reveal clues about the origin and age of your rug. Your carpet or dry cleaner has no clue about this important aspect of rug cleaning.

During our inspection we look for color run or bleeding, tears, holes, dye fading, damaged fringe, insect damage, missing face yarn, and pet containment.

We know the details about the origin, colorfastness, construction material, and condition of your rug. This provides us with the information needed to determine the correct process and rug cleaning services for your unique rug.


Your grandma was right when she would beat the rug outside. Your rug accumulates a tremendous amount of dirt and dust from shoes and pets. Consequently, most of these elements become embedded in the base of the rug which are impossible to remove by vacuuming alone. Washing area rugs and getting them properly cleaned is the only way to ensure your rug stays completely dirt-free. 

Damage Caused by Soil and Debris

The most vital part of cleaning your rug is dusting. Carpet and dry cleaners do not do this step; they are only surface cleaning! Not only are these companies not getting your rugs clean, they are damaging them. These methods will make the base of your rug a clay base, which results your rug be stiffer and will lead to shorter life.

Each step you take on your rug can do irreparable damage to the core construction of your rug. Dirt and soil are extremely abrasive and can break the fibers from bottom up. Understanding the amount dust and dirt hidden within the fibers your rug will be shocking to you. Most rugs lose up to 30% OF THEIR WEIGHT after dusting.

Why Vacuuming surface is not sufficient

Even the strongest of vacuums are ineffective at removing soils deep in the tight weave of rugs. It will only remove the debris on the rug’s surface. Every rug needs professional rug cleaning services every 2 years so they not only look clean, but actually are clean.

Dusting can remove these elements; Allergens, Dirt, Soil, Dead Skin, Worn rug fibers, Food particles, and Pet Dander.


The only way to deep clean a handmade, wool rug is rinse it. We do this by completely saturating and submerging the entire rug in cool flowing water. This is similar to the centuries-old method of washing area rugs by immersing them in the cold water flow of a mountain fed river.


It is obvious that your rug will not stay clean on its own over time. Kids, pets, shoe traffic, food, and drink spills cause you rug to become dirty. Sugars spills, like soda or ice cream, create tough hard stains; if the stain is not cleaned it will turn to hard surface with dirt accumulation. Brushing  will loosen up these kinds of stains.

Khazai Rug Cleaning experts use hand brushes to clean your rug. Hand brushing helps loosen and clean stubborn stains. It is the most effective way to get to those hard-to-reach inner fibers. Brushing also helps get out hair, dust, and dirt.

We ensure the fringe gets just as clean as the rest of your oriental rug


Historically, after washing area rugs, they would be stretched out on the rocks to dry under the desert sun with a steady Persian wind. Similarly, we are mindful to remove all the moisture from the rug as quickly as possible. We use a roller to squeeze out the majority of the moisture and, depending on the depth of the pile, we can also utilize an extractor to pull additional moisture out of the rug.  We then brush the rugs to make sure the pile matches the natural direction of the nap. After this step we are ready to transport the rug to our climate-controlled dry room. We suspend the rug over rollers and position air handlers on all sides of the rug to dry any remaining moisture as soon as possible.


If your rug has a type of pile that tends to come loose and stick out over the rest of the rug’s pile, then our professional grooming will help trim these parts down to give your rug a smooth, flat surface.


This is the last step of the cleaning process, and requires the use of a finisher machine. A finisher machine softens the fibers of your rug, thereby giving you a soft and clean rug that is as fresh as when it was brand new.


At Khazai Rug Cleaning, we are committed to providing the very best rug cleaning services. That includes pampering them when they are entrusted to us for cleaning.  As a fifth generation family based business, you can count on our experience and training to revive and protect your investment.

When we clean, we give your oriental rug the shine and vibrance it had when it was new



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When you use our oriental rug cleaning services, you are basically getting back a brand new oriental rug
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