Rug Storage

When storing rugs long term, the rug should be cleaned by professional oriental rug cleaners. After, it should be wrapped with either newspaper or tobacco to prevent moth damage. Covering an oriental rug with plastic prevents the rug from breathing and will cause the rug to rot or mildew. This can lead to odor problems.

To prevent moths and other harmful things to your oriental rug, we wrap rugs before putting them in long term storage
For larger oriental rugs where rolling isn't an option, rolling them also helps

When storing your rug short term, you can easily fold the rug using a trifold technique. It is important to store the rug on an elevated platform a few inches off the ground.  This prevents any possible damage from water or other liquids

For long term storage, it is best to roll the rug tightly and tie it with a rope.  The rugs will still need to be stored elevated from the floor, but this will allow the rug to lay flat when it is unrolled.

Larger rugs should be rolled up, tied with a rope and can be stored leaning against a wall or corer elevated from the floor.


At Khazai Rug Cleaning we are 5th generation experts. Use these tips on rug storage to protect your investment and increase the life of your rug.


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