Cleaning your oriental rugs removes what you smell, even if you can't see them

Cleaning Your Rugs Regularly – Play it Safe!

Your rug plays host to millions of allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and many other harmful entities that leave your rug a literal safety hazard when you aren’t cleaning it regularly. Even if you cannot smell these particulates, your family, pets, and guests can all fall victim to the contents of your rug.

Your rugs could be the home of an infestation! Let us clean that for you


Have you ever seen a sunbeam pour through your window and noticed all of those particles flying around? Most of that is dust, dander, and bacteria that haven’t found their way to your rugs and carpets yet. Once they do, however, they either thrive as germs or become food for dust mites (which reproduce and multiply). Add in the outside particles from foot traffic and napping pets, and you have a recipe for disaster. All of these particles get snagged in the fine wool of your rug and act as millions of tiny filters sticking up from your floor. As stated in our June Gloom post, that’s why the summer months are the times of year you notice odors emanating from your rug; the humidity adds weight to these particles so they fall more rapidly, and your rug gets even more efficient at catching them as the humidity rises. That’s why we recommend cleaning rugs just before summer starts in order to prevent a problem before it has a chance to start. Of course, if you start noticing odors from your rug during any season, we recommend cleaning at that time.


They may look like they’re straight out of a Tom Cruise alien invasion movie, but they’re actually too small to see with the naked eye. That doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous, though! Your bed is the most likely haven for dust mites (YUCK!) because they feed on dead skin/dander, but an area wool rug or wool carpet comes in second place for their preferred nesting ground due to just how much gets trapped in the fine fibers. If you find yourself sneezing or coughing in your home, it may due to these mites. Primarily, their fecal matter and decomposed corpses contain proteins that affect nearly 80% of people! Since the hot and humid months are their favorite season to flourish, they can cause what is known as perennial allergic rhinitis, where those allergic reactions tend to peak during this time of year…and here I’ve always blamed the infamous Ohio Valley allergies for that. Needless to say, it may be worth your while to clean house! Your beds, carpets, and rugs are the best places to start. And wouldn’t you know it – We do a dynamite job at cleaning one of the three!


Unfortunately, your rug is alive with exactly what you DON’T want it to be crawling with. Bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew are just a few of the creepy microscopic crawlies that are skimping out on paying you rent. Not only are they freeloaders, they can cause some “ill” effects on you, your family, pets, guests, or even home invaders…although we’ll let it slide with the invaders, right? The really scary part about this primordial soup festering in your rug is how they affect people: skin bumps, digestive problems, the common cold, or even the flu can manifest from what takes refuge in your rug. These germs get kicked up in the air or transferred by touching whomever was napping/playing on the rug, someone didn’t wash their hands, and boom – that’s all it takes. Even if you have a couple of sick days at your disposal, who wants to get sick…I mean, really? It’s simpler just to schedule a cleaning once every year or two.


Wow, what a mouthful! But whether they’re under your arms or under your rugs, bad smells can really kill the vibe in a room. When you’re hosting guests or just trying to relax, you can’t exactly just tell yourself and everyone to ignore it. The key is to have your rug professionally cleaned thoroughly and safely. That’s where we come in. Not only will we thoroughly eliminate allergens/germs/smells from your rugs in our cleaning process, we do so safely with proven techniques and pH balanced solutions. We are passionate about oriental rugs, whether it’s in our stock or on your floor, and we want yours to look brand new for decades. That’s why we don’t use steam that fade out colors or harmful chemicals that can damage the rug fibers. When you let us clean your rugs, you really do get to have your rug and enjoy it too!

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