Customer Testimonial

This lady was apprehensive when she brought her rugs in to be cleaned. She was amazed how we brought back the original colors.



Vincent originally took his rug to a carpet cleaning company to get cleaned. After waiting over 2 weeks, they told him that they lost his rug. He finally recovered his rug and it still hadn’t been cleaned. He then brought it to Khazai Rugs Outlet. Here is his testimonial.

VincentRug Cleaning (Before and After)

She purchased this rug at an estate sale and brought it to Khazai Rugs Outlet to be cleaned. The rug looked like a totally different rug compared to when she brought it to us.

UnknownRug Cleaning (Before and After)

Susan Landis

Susan Landis was shocked when she got her clean rug back! There was black soot, coffee stains, and the fringe was black. She didn’t think there was any chance of restoring this rug.

Susan LandisRug Cleaning (Before and After)
Customer TestimonialAnother Satisfied Customer
Customer Testimonial Another Satisfied Customer