How to Remove Makeup Stains from Rugs [Practical Guide for Cleaning your rug]


Is it possible to remove makeup stains from rugs?

Although cosmetic products can enhance natural beauty noticeably, they can do the opposite to your rugs. Such an incident can be too annoying especially when you are in a rush. Keep in mind that hasty makes waste. Just be calm and take a deep breath. You can easily remove those stains from your rugs if you are equipped with a few cleaning tricks. As soon as you discover a make-up stain, you’d better act in no time. Needless to say, different types of make-up need different stain removal solutions. The more you are informed of such techniques, the sooner you get your rug makeup stain-free. Here are several practical tips for getting rid of make-up stains.


How to remove face powder (foundation) from your rug?

To tackle face powder, you are recommended to take these three steps into account:

The first step is to wipe up foundation with a cloth or absorbent paper if the stain is new. This step is called “Removal of foundation leftovers”. The second step is to use lukewarm water. Dab the area gently with a damp cloth to absorb the liquid by blotting with a cloth. If the process of dissolving foundation in water didn’t work properly, you’d better use a universal stain-removing agent.


How to remove mascara from your rug?

how to clean makeup stain from rug maskcara

Use eye makeup cleaner


The first solution that comes to mind is to use eye makeup removers because they are made especially for removing waterproof mascara from rugs. The only thing that you need to do is to damp clean white cloth with some eye makeup remover and use it to dab at the stain.


Dry-cleaning solvent


Dry cleaning solvent which dissolves oily or waxy components is recommended. You can also use an alternative if you don’t access dry cleaning solvent. The recipe you need is to mix one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon household ammonia with two cups of warm water. Dampen a sponge or a clean white cloth with the solution and blot the stain.


White vinegar


You can find vinegar at your local grocery or drug store. Dilute one teaspoon of white vinegar in one cup of warm water. Be careful not to use hot water.

 How to remove eyeliner from your rug?

As soon as you face with an eyeliner stain on your rug, you’d better tackle it for the best chance of complete removal. If you are not sure about the probable results of using cleaning solutions, you are recommended to try them in a discreet area first, to prevent your rug from being discolored or damaged.

In general, there are two helpful methods to get eyeliner out of the rug. Both require some household cleaning products and a clean, white towel.

In first method, you use a shaving cream to remove an eyeliner stain. You need to put a small amount of the cream on the towel. Transfer the shaving cream to the stain. Rinse your towel with warm water and blot the stain. Repeat this process until it disappears.

In second method, you need to use ammonia to get the eyeliner off your rug. Add one tablespoon of ammonia to ½ cup of warm water. Dip white cleaning towel into the mixture. Blot the eyeliner stain with the towel until the area is saturated.

How to remove lipstick stain from your rug?

How to clean lipstick stain from rug khazai rug cleaning

Use degreasers

The first step is to lift the pieces of the lipstick away using a paper towel or tweezers. Be careful with the direction. It should be from the outer edges of material toward the inside. Otherwise, it will spread. After that, you’d better use common degreasers and spray them directly onto the lipstick stain. Then, press the cloth into the carpet. If you do it repeatedly, the stain comes off the area rug and begins to come onto the cloth.


Use alcohol

Another lipstick removal solution is to use alcohol. If you are not sure about the consequences, you are recommended to test the alcohol in an intact area first to make sure that the carpet is color-safe. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a plain paper towel or absorbent white cloth (You’d better not use the colored ones to prevent from transferring the color.) Never ever wipe or rub the stain. Just press it down gently.


Use citrus spot-remover   

Citrus spot-remover reliably removes a wide range of pigmented stains such as cooking fats, kitchen dirt, make-up stain, and soil-dirt. The good news is that it protects the colors and can be used on all textiles except silk. Pour a small amount of the citrus cleaner on a soft white cloth, then hold it over the lipstick spot for 30 seconds lifting the cloth and starting with a fresh area any time the cloth absorbs some of the lipstick color.

How to remove nail polish from your rug?

First of all, you must pay attention to the issue that the nail polish is wet or dry. Don’t touch it until it gets dry. Try to scrap and scratch as much of the nail polish as possible.

Nail polish remover

The first option that comes to mind is a nail polish remover. If it removes nail polish from your nails, it can work on your rug too. You can use Acetone or non-acetone ones. But non-acetone is recommended because it is less harsh.


Next, make the stain wet with cold water and then spray the hairspray on it about 15 times. Scrub the affected area with a toothbrush for two to three minutes. Repeat this process to four times or until the stain has been disappeared.

Get rid of cosmetic stains from rugs

One of the most common stains for every household is makeup on the rug. Since these stains are hard to be removed, they should be tackled as soon as possible. Use these simple techniques you can restore your rug to its former glory. But remember that these tips are just fruitful in surface-level cleaning and if you are looking for a deep rug cleaning, you are highly recommended to visit a professional rug cleaning services.


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