Your Rug: The biggest air filter in your home

rug as a biigest air folter in your home
Rug as The biggest air filter in your home

Did you know that your rug acts as an air filter at your place? Undoubtedly, you are aware of the importance of replacing filters in your furnace system. Rug, the largest air filter, is not an exception.

 It needs to be replaced or cleaned just like the one on your HVAC. regularly, especially in cases when you do not remove your shoes while walking on the rugs or if you have one or more pets.

Through the decades, Khazai rug cleaning has used 100% green cleaning solutions which are safe for your family, your rugs, and the environment. We are experts in cleaning all types of rugs and we can revive these giant filters professionally.


How shall I clean such a giant air filter?

When you intended to purchase a rug, you might not have thought much about how a rug contributes to your family’s health. However, one of the best but often overlooked benefits of rug is its contribution to healthier indoor air quality. Since rugs prevent allergens from floating in the air, they need to be cleaned on a scheduled basis.

The common mistake among many homeowners is to treat their rugs in the same way they treat their carpets. Surface-level cleaning is essential but not sufficient. To keep your rugs fresh, you are highly recommended to have them professionally deep cleaned once every half to one year.

lose weight rug cleaning
rug as an air filter


What points shall I take into consideration?

If you’re going to have your rugs professionally cleaned, you need to take three critical components into account. The first one is adequate equipment. Khazai rug cleaning applies specialized machines (like dusting badger) to deliver heated cleaning solution, scrubbing action, and extraction. The second component to getting the rug truly clean is proper cleaning solution.

In Khazai rug cleaning, we use 100% green solutions and natural chemicals to maintain your rug’s natural beauty. The third item is to choose a certified rug cleaning company. Depending on the material your rug is made of, different cleaning solutions and methods should be applied.


Rug cleaning:  a complicated process

Rug cleaning is a complicated process that requires the right amount of care for optimum results. Khazai Rug cleaning is the one-stop-shop for all your rug cleaning needs with a guarantee of satisfaction.

As fifth generation experts, Khazai Rug Cleaning is equipped with authentic traditional cleaning methods that are enhanced using modern day technology. These methods far surpass competitors in the industry when it comes to experience and expertise.

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