Don't Allow Your

Rug Fringe to Unravel.

Your rug fringe is the visible part of your rug’s backbone.

These bare roots must be knitted, twisted, braided or

plaited to prevent your rug from unraveling.

The 3 Stages of Rug Fringe Damage

80% of all rugs in time experience fringe damage mainly due to vacuum cleaners. We are your KY rug fringe repair solution.

How Rug Fringe Damage Begins Image

Rug Fringe Damage Stage 1

Suction has pulled fringe, making the ends uneven and visibly unappealing. This is the first sign that your rug has fringe damage.

Rug Fringe Damage Stage 2

Suction continues to pull fringe, causing the foundation of the rug to start unraveling. At this stage your rug is in danger of losing its value.

Rug Fringe Repair Image

Rug Fringe Damage Stage 3

Suction, foot traffic, and pets have continued to cause the unraveling of your rug's foundation as portions of the rug have now pulled away. Your rug needs restoration by a master weaver to maintain its value.

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We have 30 years of experience

KRC is based on the principles and strong foundation of over five decades of experience in professional rug cleaning and rug fringe repair services. Our team has some of the most experienced people available to help you with any rug need. The team is what makes Khazai so great.

Don't Just Allow Anyone to Repair Your Rug Fringe

If your rug is damaged, don't worry! The rug experts at Khazai Rugs Outlet will protect your investment and maintain its value.


CERTIFIED Technicians

FREE Pickup & Delivery

FULLY Licensed & Insured

We have Repaired over 4,630 Rugs over 2 Decades!

You can be sure your investment is safe with our Master Weavers on Staff!

“Nice area rug cleaning, fringes fresh and super friendly service! Above and beyond expectations.”

Maureen Sloan

“It looks brand new. It’s beautiful…BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!”

Catherine Vest
cleaning customer

“This rug was in terrible shape and had all kinds of problems and it looks GORGEOUS! It’s just BEAUTIFUL”

Cara Martin
Cleaning & Repair customer

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