Protect Your Floors


The standard rug pad, as pictured here, is the most common and popular type, called a “Rubber Anchor.” It’s a simple sheet of rubber reinforced with fibers to prevent tears, and it grips both your floor and your rug together. It is cut to the exact size of your rug directly off of a roll, and for larger rugs, is taped together to keep it in one piece. This pad is meant only for laying your rug on a hard floor, not for carpet.


The mesh pad is similar to the standard, except it has a grid of holes and is much cheaper. These pads are pre-cut to the common rug sizes, but can still be custom cut to fit a rug better. This pad is meant only for laying your rug on a hard floor, not for carpet.


When laying your rug on carpet, especially very thick carpet, your rug will tend to buckle up when furniture is set down on top of it. Using a thick carpet rug pad, your rug is held into place to prevent too much buckling. It can also be used on hard surfaces, in case you have a very thin rug which needs to have added cushioning.

At Khazai Rug Cleaning we are 5th generation experts. Use these tips on rug storage to protect your investment and increase the life of your rug.

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