Antique Rug Cleaning

When getting your Antique Oriental Rugs cleaned, make sure that you take them to a professional oriental rug dealer who knows all of the aspects about them so that they can be done safely and correctly.

Once in a while we receive a rug that is too fragile or worn to be beaten from the back and must be dusted and treated much differently than other oriental rugs. Also, antique rugs were made with different materials and dyes than most modern oriental rugs which introduces challenges that require the specialized knowledge of experts.

Most antique rugs have not been properly cleaned in the past 10 years and many owners tell us that they have never had them cleaned. This lack of cleaning can be dangerous to the rugs value due to premature wear. Keep in mind that two of the key factors in determining the value of an antique Persian rug is the rug’s condition and age.

Other factors that we pay attention to are rug wear, rug type, origin, foundation, knotting type, fringe, color and fiber content. Knowing these facts is necessary in determining how a particular rug will be cleaned.

Carpet and dry cleaners and many oriental rug sellers just don’t have this specialized knowledge. In fact, over the past 32 years we have fixed countless problems caused by other so called “rug cleaners”. Don’t make the same costly mistake. Call Khazai now!

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