COVID-19 Update: KHAZAI is doing contactless pick-up/delivery/drop-offs for Rug Cleanings only at this time. Your safety matters - Learn More


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Everything you need to know about our delivery process & procedures 

Here are a few things that we are doing different here at Khazai Rug Cleaning to keep you safe as well as our employees during this pandemic crisis in the United Sates.


Our vans and facility have been sanitized and is re-sanitized on a daily basis. 


Social Distancing – Which means our employees will keep a 6-foot radius at all times to prevent any contact during pick or delivery. We all practice safe distancing in our facility as well.


Gloves and foot covers will be worn at all times when picking up or either delivering. Safety equipment is also worn in the facility


Employees are practicing good hygiene techniques by applying a 60% (or higher) percent alcohol-based sanitizer before and after every delivery or pickup.


Signature will not be required as we will take a picture of the receipt to show proof of delivery or services rendered.


No employee is allowed to work if they are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, this including running a temperature

We comply with CDC Guidelines. See how we SANITIZE now!

Dog Stains

Dog Stains

Dog Stain

What You Need to Know

Dog urine is roughly 95% water and 5% water-soluble organic materials and ions. Dog urine turns the grass yellow because of the elevated levels of nitrogen in the urine, which causes the grass to burn. Dog urine is much more concentrated than human urine. In order to effectively remove dog urine, we must first determine the PH level of the urine stain in order to formulate a cleansing solution that will effectively break down and clean the stain. Dog urine contains urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, chloride, inorganic and organic compounds including uric acid. Dog urine smells because it can acquire strong odors due to bacterial action and the release of ammonia.

The ammonia is a result of the breakdown of urea and uric acid crystals. The main reason general and multi-purpose cleaners aren’t able to effectively break down and clean urine stains are because they are not designed to break down uric acid crystals formed by urine. So popular cleaning methods like vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, do not contain the necessary enzymes needed to break down the uric acid. So it is very important you take your rug to a professional cleaner as soon as you are aware that there has been an accident on your precious rug.

Ready to Remove Those Stains & Smells

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