Urine treatment

Urine Treatment & Stain Removal

We love our pets, but sometimes accidents take place and this is where urine treatment comes into play. Dog and cat stains caused from pet urine can discolor your rug and leave a nasty smell. If you do not take the time to take care of it right away there can be serious damage to your valuable area rug. As a result, liquid will dry and evaporate leaving a nasty residue of crystallization in the foundation of your fine rug. Finally, humidity and heat then reactivate the remaining crystals and amplify the already pungent smell.

Urine treatment is an additional process that you can add to any of our expert rug cleaning services. However, is already included in our Premium Wash package, the superior rug cleaning service. We guarantee 100% urine odor removal and anywhere from 60% to 70% of discoloration being fixed but most of the time the stain will be gone 100%.

When purchased as an additional service to any of our other listed packages above, the price is an additional $2.00 per square foot

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