Water Damage Cleaning

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Expert Water Damage Solution

Protect your investment with professional water damage cleaning by the best around! Khazai rug cleaning services specializes in water restoration caused by nature, storms, accidents, leaks from your pipes or water heater and much more for your Persian, Oriental, and antique rugs. We are generational experts for all types of rugs whether machine made or handmade, new or antique, Persian or Oriental; we are the best local area rug cleaning service from Louisville to Lexington KY.

We stop the bleeding of your rug caused by damaging water. Prior to cleaning your rug, we use a heavy extraction method to remove all of the unwanted water from your rug to assure a superior rug cleaning solution. Following that is a deep, organic shampoo cleaning process that focuses on the specific pH levels of your rug to achieve the best results possible. The rug is then carefully treated for mold and mildew. Our expert staff will then advise you on which damaged areas of your rug will be irreparable if that ends up being the case. If your rug has any variety of water damage, Khazai Rug Cleaning services is the best local area rug cleaning service in all of Kentucky for you.

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