how to remove beetroot stains from rug

When it comes to rug stains, the blotches that prove to be most difficult to remove are typically derived from berry and beets juice. 

More specifically, those berries that excrete a dark red liquid tend to create a bigger issue than what a little bit of hot water can fix.

Whenever these problems arise, follow these simple guidelines to remove beetroot stains and restore your rug to its former beauty.

“Beet juice can prove to be one of the most difficult stains to remove from your rug”

1. Equipment Needed

Hydrogen Peroxide │  Warm Water  │  Ammonia  │  Club soda  │  Terry Cloth  │   Liquid Soap 

2. Steps 


First, you’re going to want to have something to scrape the excess berry or beets up from the rug, usually a spoon works just fine, however anything that can be used to scoop up the reminiscent can be used.


After you’re done ridding the rug of all the excess berry, it is time to vacuum. Try not to spread or press the excess into the rug, rather vacuum it up in one place.


Next, apply club soda to the beet/berry stain if readily available. If you do not have access to club soda, warm water may be substituted. Most importantly, remember to apply only a small amount of warm water or club soda, do NOT soak the rug.


Proceed to vacuum the area once more. If the stain is still not removed, you can try applying detergent water to the stain, again remember to not soak the rug. Let the detergent water sit for five minutes before removing it with a towel or vacuum.


Finally, if the beet stain still remains, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the stained area and cover it with a towel. 

Meanwhile, check the stain every 10 minutes or so to see if there are any changes in color. Once the stain color has been eliminated, proceed to vacuuming the area.


Repeat steps 1-5 until beet stain is gone.

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