how to remove bleach stain from rug

Often times, bleach is our friend when it comes to removing a stain. However, a new rug might be the last place you want bleach touching. 

Bleach stains are fairly common and while you can’t restore the color that the bleach has already removed, you can fade out the stain and make it less of an eyesore.

You can follow these guidelines to remove bleach stains and restore your rug to its former beauty.

“Removing a bleach stain requires a substance that you’re likely to find lying around the house; White vinegar!”

1. Equipment Needed

White Vinegar  │  Warm Water  │  Sodium Thiosulfate    │  Terry Cloth 

2. Steps 


Mixing two tablespoons of white vinegar for every four cups of warm water is a simple fix for these types of stains. 

Before applying the mixture to the stain, ensure that all bleach has been rinsed from the rug, otherwise, a chlorine gas that is harmful to our health can be released.


After rinsing the spot, apply a liberal amount of the mixture to the stain. Then, rid the mixture with cold water, and repeat until some of the color has returned to the rug.


If this simple fix doesn’t restore any color, you can try sodium thiosulfate (S.T.). Soak a white cloth with the S.T. and dab the stained are until the fibers are saturated (much like the process of applying white vinegar.)


Remove the S.T. from the rug with cold water, and repeat the process until desired color restoration is reached.

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