how to clean soup from rug

Broth or soup, either is quite tasty and healthy, but also easy to spill! The soup stain, especially those with high color like tomato soup, ruins the rug look, and as the soup is mainly liquid, it finds the way down the rug foundation and dries out so quickly, which makes it so difficult to clean. 

Outlined below are some practical steps you can take to remove broth and soup stain from your rug. You can also learn about other stains such as Tomato sauce, Salsa, Red wine or Beer.

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Apply a wet spotter and just a few drops of ammonia (do not use this method for silk or wool).

1. Equipment Needed

Wet Spotter │  Cold Water  │  Ammonia  │  Terry Cloth/Sponge   

2. Steps 


Treat the area where you spilled the soup as soon as possible.


Now use a sponge or clean cloth damped with cooled water and apply light strokes, moving from the outside of the stain until it is fading. 

If you take care of the incident quickly enough, this is what you should do it. If not, continue with the following steps to clean the soup stain from your precious rug.


Apply a wet spotter and just a few drops of ammonia (do not use this method for silk or wool).


Cover the stained area with a sponge dampened with the wet spotter. Let it sit as long as the stain is still there. Change the sponge as it picks up the liquid a bit at a time. Meanwhile, always make sure to keep the area and your sponge wet, so you will be able to get the soup stains out of the rug with less effort.


After using the sponge and wet spotter to remove the stain from your precious rug, finish by rinsing the stained area with cooled water and let it dry on both sides.

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