how to get chocolate out of rug

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and chocolate comes in a very close second! 

There is no problem that a box of chocolate can’t take care of, they say. Cocoa is a rich source of Antioxidants, attacking cancerous cells. It also safeguards your heart by reducing blood pressure, increasing HDL (Good Cholesterol), and simultaneously reducing LDL (Bad Cholesterol). 

The cocoa beans’ minerals are also a great mood-booster and highly recommended for those who have depression or can’t get out of the bad mood. Moreover, it boosts brain function and triggers the regeneration of skin cells as well as protecting them against the sun. So pragmatic-wise, chocolate is a much better friend than those diamonds!

Unprocessed cocoa beans are actually a deep, reddish color. Similarly, The dark brown chocolate that we know and love today didn’t take on that shade of brown until chemists got their hands on some chocolate.

So far, we discussed the issues that chocolate solves, such as bad cholesterol, blood pressure, sunburns, depression; But what about when the chocolate itself is the problem? Well, not in your body, but when you spill it on your priceless rugs, it is a pressing problem.

In this article, we have put together a proven method to get chocolate out of a rug using home remedies. Your rugs look sweet with no stains on them, so follow the guideline below to remove the chocolate stain from your precious rugs.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, please make sure to get help from our comprehensive food and beverage stain removal guide for any other food stain incidents.

“Using a fresh cut lemon, warm water plus liquid dish washing detergent can be one of the best solutions to use on a chocolate stain”

1. Equipment Needed

Mild Dish detergent  │  Juice of ½ of whole lemon  │  Terry cloths

2. Steps 


Mix ½ tsp. Of mild dish soap, and one cup of cold water.


Cut a fresh lemon in half. Squeeze all of the juice out, and mix it with water and soap solution.


Apply the solution directly to the stained area. Make sure the stain is entirely soaked by the solution and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.


Blot up the stained area with terry or cloth. Repeat the process until you completely remove the chocolate stain from the rug.

If the chocolate stain is stuck in your rug for a long while, this solution might not be sufficient. But this doesn’t mean your rug is over as long as our best-experienced rug experts are at your service to take care of any stain incident, guaranteed!

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