how to get coffee stain out of rug

What else could refresh us all for a long day better than these magical beans? Coffee is undoubtedly the answer! 

The coffee beans originate from Ethiopia, where their discoverer, Kaldi the goat herder, is an epic legend to the people for introducing these beloved beans. Later, coffee beans found their way into Yemen and the Islamic world. There, Muslims cultivated and developed brewing techniques, so the coffee as we know it today became evolved. 

That made coffee a game-changer in society. Because up until that day, the primary beverage was wine, and the prominent places where people would gather and socialize were wine houses, where people would booze and lose their consciousness. 

In contrast to that, coffee houses became exactly the opposite of wine houses by coffee entering society. Since coffee increased consciousness level by its caffeine substantials, triggering the Islamic golden era of growing science, philosophy, literature, and technology. 

Eventually, coffee made its way to the west among the pioneers and settlers and quickly became an essential part of their daily routines. It’s also worth mentioning that Coffee beans are the green seeds of a type of cherry that turn brown when roasted.

Coffee might delight our mood for a long day ahead, but spilling it on the rugs will ruin theirs, so to fix any coffee stain incident, follow the simple guideline below to get a coffee stain out of the rug using Pilsner beer, taking less than five minutes.

Also, for any other beverage accident, make sure to get help from our other stain-removal guides, such as Red wine, White wine, Beer, Milk, and Tea.

“It may sound a little unorthodox but using beer to remove a coffee stain can be very beneficial”

1. Equipment Needed

One bottle of light Pilsner beer Terry Cloth Cold Water

2. Steps 


Pour the beer onto the stained area until it’s entirely soaked. Wait for 2-3 minutes until the beer dissolves the coffee stain.


Next, rub gently with a clean and dry terry cloth. Keep this process going until the coffee stain is completely removed from the rug.


Rinse the stained area with cold water to dilute the beer stuck in the rug’s foundation. Then, use another clean terry cloth to absorb the dampness until the area is dried.  

Last but not least, if the coffee stain is old and deep stuck in your rug, the solution above might not be totally effective. But that must not let you down, as our Rug Experts at Khazai Rug Cleaning are here for you to take care of any stain incidents to your priceless rug.

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