how to get makeup stain out of rug

As with any stain different cosmetics require different techniques to remove them. First and foremost, Treating the stain as quickly as possible is always your safe bet. 

For basic makeup, you can test a cleaning solution on a hidden area before applying it anywhere else. Once tested and it doesn’t affect the dye or fades the fibers on your rug fill a spray bottle with clean, cool water and spritz the area lightly to rinse it, blotting up excess moisture and residue.  

Follow this detailed guide to remove any makeup stains from the rug in a few minutes! 

If you deal with other kinds of beauty products, please make sure to visit the nail polish and lipstick stain removal guide.

“Lipstick can produce some of the most oiliest, stickiest substances that can be a real problem for your rug”

1. Equipment Needed

Can of WD-40 (mechanical and cleaner lubricant found at any store)  │  Mild laundry detergent  │  Warm water  Terry cloth

2. Steps 


Use a paper towel and brush the excess cosmetics onto the towel with a butter knife.


Then you can mix ¼ teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent and a cup of lukewarm water and wet a white cloth with the solution.


Begin by blotting the stain gently working from the inside out. Wait a few minutes and continue by repeating the process.


Make sure to use a clean part of the cloth when repeating so that none of the excess debris gets transferred back onto the rug.


Creamy lip and cheek products are oily based products that can cling to fibers in your rug making it difficult to remove.


Remove any excess product with the back of butter knife and then mix ¼ teaspoon of white distilled vinegar with 1 cup of warm water.


Blot the stain removing the outermost portion of the cosmetics while applying the solution to the fibers on your rug. Meanwhile, Wait a few minutes before blotting again to give the acid in the vinegar time to break down the makeup base. 

If the stain is still visible you can also place a white paper towel over the troublesome spot and heat a clothing iron to the lowest possible setting and iron over the towel very briefly and the stain should transfer.

Repeat this process until the stain is no longer visible.

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