how to get soda out of rug

What is the sweetest enemy of your rug? Well, Soda is the answer. It sticks to the foundation of the rug, and also attracts bugs to have a feast on it.

It used to be served only in pharmacies and was marketed as a healthy, cure-all tonic. The first American soft drink fountain was built in 1809 by a Yale chemistry professor named Benjamin Silliman.

In fact, the numerous chemicals and preservatives found in soda today are the main reason why they are so dark in color.

Unfortunately, the carbonation in these beverages allows the stain to set in quickly, so time is of the essence with these types of stains.

We provide you four easy steps to get soda out of the rug, which you can follow to clean dried soda stains. 

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“Soda can leave a sticky mess because of the sugars which can reek havoc on the fibers in your rug”

1. Equipment Needed

 Terry cloth    Liquid laundry detergent (heavy duty)   Cold water

2. Steps 


Mix ¼ teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent into ½ cup of cold water.


Pour mixture directly onto soft drink stain.


Blot up the stained area with clean, dry terry cloth.


Allow the area to dry and repeat as necessary until stain is gone.

(P.S. The enzymes found in the heavy-duty laundry detergent are the main component that gets the soda stain out.)
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