how to get bbq sauce out of rug

We’ve all enjoyed pulled pork with BBQ sauce or a huge rack of ribs, but what happens when you drop that delicious sauce onto your beautiful rug? 

We have all had accidents like this happen from time to time, but we’re here to help you remove that BBQ sauce stain for good, and get your rug looking better than ever! 

Besides, follow the steps laid out below, and remember as with any stain the quicker you can address the issue the better, so the sauce will not get a chance to set in and get deeper into the fibers of your rug.

Also, at any other sauce accident, make sure to get help from these stain removal guide, such as Espagnole sauce, Bechamel sauceTomato sauce, Hollandaise sauce, Veloute sauce, Salsa, and Mustard.

“We all have had accidents like this happen from time to time but were here to help you remove that barbecue stain from your rug for good”

1. Equipment Needed

Steam Cleaner│  Warm Water  │  Ammonia  │  3% Hydrogen Peroxide  │  Terry Cloth  │  Mild dish detergent

2. Steps 


Begin by using a dull knife or a butter knife which works best really. Scrape up any remaining BBQ sauce that is on the rug.


Get some warm water now and dab the stain to try and lift as much of the barbecue sauce stain as possible. 


It’s optional but can prove to be very effective: Grab a small steam cleaner with preferably an upholstery attachment and add just a little liquid dish soap to a gallon of water and pour it on the stained area making sure you don’t over saturate the area. Now try to suck out the remaining liquid as best as you can.  


If you don’t have a small steam cleaner you can also use Hydrogen Peroxide (make sure its 3%) and pour a small amount on the BBQ sauce stain and then cover it with some plastic wrap. 

After that, place a towel on top of your plastic wrap and a book on top your towel to weigh it down and prevent light from getting to the area. Check every 30 minutes and repeat the process until the stain has started to lighten up.  


If the stain remains, you can try one last ditch effort before contacting a professional to clean your rug. Mix a little ammonia and water usually one tablespoon to a cup of water ratio works best and blot the stain and repeat until the area is cleaned. 

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