how to remove candle wax from rug

Nothing sets the mood or is more relaxing than natural candlelight. The beautiful flickering and natural glow can be mesmerizing and intoxicating. 

Most candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of the petroleum refining process. The not so beautiful part about them is what if any wax gets on your wool rug or floor?

We outlined a guide on how to get candle wax out of a rug. Follow the instructions, and you can remove candle wax from the rug without a mess.

“Remember to let the wax harden before attempting to address the stained area, using an ice cube to solidify the wax will help”

1. Equipment Needed

Ice Cubes  │  Blotter Paper or Brown Paper Bag  Clothes Iron

2. Steps 


Rub an ice cube over the wax stain to solidify it.


Gently remove as much of the wax from the rug as possible without tugging or pulling at the pile of the rug.


Preheat the iron to permanent press.


Lay the blotter paper or paper bag over the wax.


Gently rub the iron over the paper in a circular motion until you see the wax start to come through the paper.


When the wax has saturated an area of the paper, move the paper and repeat until all the wax has been absorbed.

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