how to get coffee stain out of rug

Coffee was originally consumed in the Islamic World, where it originated and was directly related to religious practices. Eventually, it made its way to the west with the pioneers and settlers and quickly became an important part of society.

Coffee beans are the green seeds of a cherry that when roasted, turn from green to brown.

Most importantly, to fix any coffee accident, follow this simple guideline to get a coffee stain out of the rug using Pilsner beer, which takes less than five minutes. 

Also, at any other beverage accident, make sure to get help from these stain removal guide, such as Red wine, White wineBeerMilkand Tea.

“It may sound a little unorthodox but using beer to remove a coffee stain can be very beneficial”

1. Equipment Needed

One (1) Can  of light Pilsner beer  Terry Cloth

2. Steps 


Pour a little bit of beer directly onto the top of the coffee stain.


After that, rub gently with terry cloth.


Repeat as needed until coffee stain is gone.


(Please note that this is one of the rare times you will be asked to rub a stain out of your rug.)

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