how to get tomato sauce out of rug

Tomato Sauce is by far the most common mother sauce used worldwide. Most people probably have no clue it is actually one of the French mother sauces. 

The main ingredient in this sauce is… You guessed it. TOMATOES! Since this sauce is so popular, over the years the way it is made varies slightly through the different cultures of the world.

For example, traditionalists start with a roux then add the tomatoes and let the sauce reduce down, then add spices to taste. Also, you can do it the Italian way and ditch the roux and just let the tomatoes reduce and thicken over low to medium heat. 

Tomatoes get their red color from lycopene. As a tomato ripens the color changes from green to yellow, then red. When the green chlorophyll breaks down it synthesizes a red carotenoid called lycopene.

Above all, the way you clean tomato sauce stain from the rug matters. Learn this proper technique to get tomato sauce out of a rug perfectly.

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“Try to soak up as much as the sauce as you can and remove the excess with a butter knife”

1. Equipment Needed

Butter knife  Terry cloth,  Cold water    White vinegar  │  Hydrogen peroxide

2. Steps 


Use a butter knife to scrape up the excess tomato sauce, and then blot gently to soak up as much as possible.


Rinse with cold water and blot dry.


Spray with white vinegar, let sit for 20 minutes, and blot up.


If the stain persists, apply a mixture of 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and 3 tablespoons cold water to the tomato sauce stain. Let it sit for 10 minutes.


Rinse with water and blot dry.


If this doesn’t completely remove the stain, try using a commercial carpet spot remover.

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