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bechamel sauce stain

How To Remove Bechamel Sauce From A Rug

Bechamel sauce, also known as besciamella, besamel, or white sauce, is one of the five mother sauces. This creamy Italian white sauce consists of milk, flour, butter, and sometimes flavored with onion, clove, and nutmeg.  Bechamel is the inseparable part of numerous east and south European cuisine. One could see its track on famous Greek, […]

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how to get jelly out of rug

How To Remove Jam and Jelly From Your Rug

We all love jelly and jam on biscuits and the classic PB&J sandwich, but what happens when you or your child spills their delicious snack and leaves a bad-looking jelly stain on your brand new rug! That not only ruins the rug appearance but also becomes sticky and attracts dozens of bugs and bacteria to […]

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how to remove tomato sauce from rug

How To Remove Tomato Sauce Stain From Your Rug

Tomato Sauce (aka Ketchup sauce) is by far the most common mother sauce used worldwide. Most people probably have no clue it is one of the French mother sauces.  But if you be neglectful and eat around your rug, tomato sauce stain might be a bad-looking and sticky disaster. The main ingredient in this sauce is […]

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how to remove tea stain from rug

How to Remove Tea Stain From Your Rug

Tea delights our mood in the early morning and after every meal, but when your tea drips, splashes, or spills, it leaves awful marks on your rug. Fortunately, you can remove any tea stain with a little effort and elbow grease in just a few minutes!  Firstly, you can begin by blotting up the tea […]

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how to remove paint stain from rug

How to Remove Paint Stain From Your Rug

There may be times when you’re remodeling your house and accidentally spill paint on your rug. Or maybe your children took it upon themselves to paint a portion of the carpet. Or your freshly painted chairs weren’t dry when you moved them back into your living room. Whatever the situation might be, there are proven […]

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Can You Make Rug Cleaning A Do-It-Yourself Project?

No matter how it happens, all area rugs eventually get dirty and need a proper rug cleaning. Perhaps by your pet getting sick on your rug. Or by your own footsteps when you forget to take your muddy shoes off. And, there’s no telling how that stain appeared overnight.  Now, you realize you haven’t had […]

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