The Importance of Using Rug Cleaning and Repair services Professionals


The necessity of hiring a professional to clean your rugs

The Importance of using rug cleaning and repair services professionals: Rugs are viewed as the most popular décor to furnish homes because of the feeling of beauty and glory they provide. To protect natural and unique beauty, they require special carpet and rug care and maintenance. Regular vacuuming and spot-treating stains are essential but not sufficient to keep your precious treasure in perfect shape. Professional rug cleaning is crucial to restore your rug’s beauty. Let’s clarify the benefits of leaving your rugs (esp. oriental and Persian) to the professionals. In Khazai Rug Cleaning, our experts inspect your rug to customize their cleaning services to your rug needs. Inspection is a very important stage because we need to know your rug’s age, origin, material and so on. Contrary, carpet cleaners treat different rugs in the same way. In other words, there is no difference for them if it is machine-made or hand-made, if it is ordinary or antique.


What makes khazai rug cleaning different from carpet cleaners?

As soon as the process of inspection finishes, your rug was sent to the “Dusting” stage. Our trained staff beat it from the back just to get rid of dust. This action is called “badgering”. Just like what your grandma did, we beat the rug from the back to remove dust from it. Other carpet cleaners lack this stage and they just vacuum the rugs. Vacuuming cannot be used as a substitute for dusting because the dust goes and sits on the top of the foundation which is impossible to be collected with vacuuming.

Washing stage

The next stage is “washing” which gets some more dirt out. Unfortunately, majority of carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals that can make fibers more brittle. And consequently, it leads to broken fibers and holes in your rug. In Khazai Rug cleaning, However, we use 100% green solutions to clean and care for your rug. All of our solutions are safe for your family, your rugs, and the environment. We also use gentle pH balanced soaps. And as a result, the natural lanolin is not removed from the fibers and keep them supple.


Washing stage is followed by “flooding”.  In this stage, our trained team flood your rug with clean water. Your entire rug is saturated and submerged in cool flowing water. This technique is similar to the centuries-old method of washing area rugs by immersing them in the cold water flowing down a mountain. However, dry carpet cleaners use less amount of water and it causes most of the dust and mud to remain inside the carpet. And it leads to a deep and long cleaning process.

Drying stage

In “drying” stage, we remove all the moisture from the rug. We use a roller to squeeze out the majority of the moisture and, depending on the depth of the pile, we also utilize an extractor to pull additional moisture out of the rug. We then brush the rugs to make sure the pile matches the natural direction of the nap. After this step we are ready to transport the rug to our climate-controlled dry room. We suspend the rug over rollers and position air handlers on all sides of the rug to dry any remaining moisture as soon as possible.

Khazai Rug cleaning: specialized and customized rug cleaning services

Khazai Rug Cleaning with fifth generation experts provides you with professional rug cleaning services such as free pick-up delivery, Initial inspection, dusting badger, 100% green solutions and etc.

We as professional rug cleaners customize our services to your rug’s needs. Our customer’s satisfaction is our number one goal. We guarantee that you will be happy with our cleaning and restoration services.

At Khazai, we fix and clean all types of rugs (antique, handmade, machine-made, wool, silk, silk & wool, cotton, or synthetic materials). We reverse the damage others create and protect your investment.

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