white glove service

What White Glove Service Provide's?

At KHAZAI Rug Cleaning we believe that your experience is most important. 

With our “White Glove Service,” you don’t have to lift a finger. Not only do we pick-up and deliver your rugs for FREE, but we also:

Move Furniture

Move all of the furniture that might be on or around the rugs

Clean Rug Areas

Clean any dirt, dust and debris that may lie underneath your rugs


Load &Remove rugs

Load your rugs into our certified Khazai Rugs Vehicle

Hand-Clean Rug

Hand clean your rugs in our state of the art facility

Deliver The Rug

Deliver your rugs back to your home

Prep & Clean

Prepare and clean the areas for placement of your rugs upon delivery

Place Rugs

Place your rugs back in their desired location

Replace the Furniture

Replace your furniture in the desired position.

Get White Glove High-five

we give you a white glove service high five at the end

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Move any necessary furniture
Clean any dirt/dust/debis
Load the rug into a certified hauling vehicle
Hand clean the rug in a state-of-the-art facility
Deliver the rug back to your home
Prep & clean the the area for placement of the rug
Place rug(s) in their desired placement
Replace the furniture in the desired position

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