Several other rug cleaning service providers are offering the same service as us. Then why would you choose Khazai Rug Cleaning Service? Definitely there are some strong reasons behind that. We do almost guarantee an exceptional cleaning service that will make your rug completely free of any kind of dirt and stubborn stains. If the dirt and debris are not removed from your rug properly, then it will speed up the deterioration process and decrease the value and look of your rug. A professional rug cleaning process will not also leave any harsh chemical residue on your rug. In addition to mentioned processes, KRC as a professional cleaning service provider will duly clean the fringes and mothproof your rug to prevent it from being damaged by those pesky rug beetles.

After a professional cleaning at KRC, your freshly cleaned rug doesn’t just feel cleaner, the colors will look brighter and the rug will smell fresher as well. Not only does skillful cleaning restore the beauty of your pretty rug but it also extends the life and value of your investment.

We are also proud of our affordable and competitive prices while at the same time keeping our standards high to match -even exceed- your expectation. We have developed a proprietary process of cleaning and repairing rug that makes it convenient, quick and affordable with the entire process of dealing with KRC.

Our proven rug cleaning process is carried out thoroughly with the latest rug cleaning equipment and eco, human and pet friendly products. Our qualified rug cleaning technicians will make your rug look new and smell fresh in no time.

Customers’ satisfaction is a high priority for KRC’s proficient and competent staff.

our cleaning experts vs. other cleaners

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