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A Helpful Guide To Water Damage Restoration To Revitalize Your Rugs

Guide To Water Damage Restoration is crucial when dealing with water-damaged rugs. Water is an essential element for any living organism, including mold and bacteria that can thrive inside rugs when exposed to moisture. When these uninvited guests attack your natural fiber rug, Water Damage Restoration becomes necessary to preserve the rug’s original value and appearance. Trust our water damage repair service to effectively restore your water-damaged rugs. We specialize in expert rug restoration and can help you revive your valuable pieces. If you have experienced water damage to your rugs, contact us for professional assistance.


If your rug is exposed to water for a long period of time, say floods, a leaking pipeline or vase, or drink spills, it will soon turn into an incubator for such destructive microorganisms. That leads to stinky stains on the rug that fray the fibers and health issues for the people around that rug. This blog tells you how water damages your rugs, gives you tips to prevent it and explains how a professional Water Damage Restoration should be.

How Water Damages Your Rugs?

In a nutshell, water provides a perfect place for mold, mildew, and so many more microorganisms. They grow inside the natural fiber rugs. They also eat the silk, wool, and cotton fibers that fray the rug’s foundation. That unpleasing feast put your rug at the risk of ultimately coming apart.

Mold and mildew damage also leave a bad-looking trace on the rug’s appearance with dark and stinky stains.


Water damage also has some health-related consequences.  As the moistures contribute to the growth of mold, mildew, and germs in the rug, these uninvited guests can simply find a way to our bodies and cause problems ranging from simple skin rashes up to asthmatic attacks.

If the water damage is type 2 and 3, which means the water is impure, the growth of mold can be much faster. In the following, we’ll tell you how water damages your rugs and how a professional Water Damage Restoration can undo it. Guide To Water Damage Restoration

How Can You Prevent Water Damages in Your Rugs

Water damage happens in many ways. Some of them are preventable, while some, like floods, are out of our control.

In case of liquid spills on the rug, for example, when you flip the cup of coffee, start the spot cleaning as soon as possible to prevent the moisture from reaching out to the rug’s foundation.

If your rug is next to the windows, don’t forget to close them when it’s raining out there. That’s because the raindrops are sometimes quite acidic and can cause rug color bleeding as well as inviting mold and mildew to grow inside the rug.

Make sure to pick the right rug fabric for the area you’re using. For instance, a silk rug won’t be a good choice as a bathroom rug because it’s constantly exposed to moisture. Although synthetic rugs are machine-made and have significantly less value compared to silk rugs, they’re good choices for the bathroom and laundry room.

Avoid putting a vase or aquarium on your rugs because the water keeps leaking for them one way or another. And that leads to dry rots that fray the rug fibers and cause holes all over the surface.

In case the flood happened, ask for professional help as soon as possible. A water damage restoration expert should be in charge of correctly drying the rugs. That helps you make sure they won’t be prey to mold and mildew.

But even if you’ve missed preventing the water damage, it’s not still too late for your rug because a professional Water Damage Restoration can perfectly restore your rug’s original look and value.

What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage contaminates the rug with mildew and mold stain as well as weakening the rug’s foundation by fraying the fibers. Therefore, Water Damage Restoration consists of repairing the rug and then cleaning it. The aim is to eliminate all traces left from the damage on the rug.  

Guide To Water Damage Restoration, On a damaged rug, some areas are missing, and some are frayed and about to wear out. The Water Damage Restoration begins by removing the worn-out areas of the rug and then reweaving all the missing sections. The goal here is to make the rug look totally untouched and complete after the rug repair. And that’s very challenging and requires profound expertise because the rug repair expert should first determine the rug’s pattern in the missing areas, insert a new foundation, and reweave with exactly the same fabrics and dyes.

After that, it’s time for the rug cleaning. The challenge here is to use a solution that kills the germs, bacteria, and mildew without harming the rug itself. 

Who Can Undo the Water Damages?

Some amateur carpet cleaners might use chemical solutions like bleach and steam cleaners on mildew-damaged Oriental rugs. That wipes away the stain from the surface but severely damages the rug itself by burning the rug fibers and causing color bleeding.

Since the chemicals and the extremely hot temperature of the steam affect the natural dyes in the rug just like the stains. They also dissolve the natural oil inside the wool and silk fibers that eliminates their plush nature and leaves them stiff and burnt.

So a rug expert with qualified knowledge should be in charge of the Water Damage Restoration to develop a solution for rug cleaning that roots out the mold without harming the rug itself.

As the chemical cleaners have consequences for the people and pets like breathing problems and irritation in the nose and eyes, the solution should also be organic and toxic-free.

After the rug experts finish the rug cleaning process with the appropriate solution, the rug should be entirely dry. That is to make sure mold and mildew won’t appear in it again. That requires advanced equipment to extract the water and entirely dry it. Regular air drying at home won’t get the job done because there will be residual dampness left in the depth of the rug’s foundation that air and sunlight can’t reach out.

Where Is The Best Place For Water Damage Restoration in Louisville, KY?

Khazai Rug Cleaning takes advantage of 150-years of expertise and the latest technology to offer the highest quality Water Damage Restoration in Louisville, KY.

Fifth-generation knowledge has enriched the knowledge of our rug restoration team. That has prepared them to tackle any issues with rugs and help them adorn your home again just like their first day.

The only patented %100 green solution for rug cleaning at Khazai Rug Cleaning kicks mold and mildew out of your rugs without bringing any harm to them. It’s also the safest choice for your kids, pets, and the environment because this solution is made of chemical-free, all-organic and biodegradable components.

Please get in touch with us via phone, email, or Facebook messages for a free consultation, free estimates, and more information on the best Water Damage Restoration in Louisville, KY!

Author: David Khazai
Author: David Khazai

David Khazai is a 5th-generation rug proficient and certified rug appraiser. As an omniscient author, he explores components and symbolism, making him an exceptional expert in the rug cleaning & repair industry

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