Rug Appraisal services

Get Educated on Our Rug Appraisal Process

Learn why rug appraisals are so important when it comes to value, insurance, theft and more

We regularly prepare appraisals for rugs of all types. The need for a rug appraisal includes:

Insurance Purposes

Collateral Loan Agreements

Charitable Contributions

Rug appraisals will have a detailed description of your rug. Your rug description will include:




Replacement Retail Value




All appraisals will be signed personally by the Khazais. Appraisals are accepted by:

City/State/Federal Courts

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Estate Planning Professionals

Insurance Firms

Appraisal Certificate

Our Appraisal Certificate is a written appraisal. We also keep digital photos, notes and a digital copy of the appraisal for our records. This allows us to produce a new original copy for you if needed in the future. For your security, all of the appraisal work is kept in our office.

appraisal Certificate

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