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    Get Informed on Our Rug Appraisal Process

    Having a rug appraisal document for your piece is essential. For insurance purposes, in the event of theft or destruction, the only way to ensure your rug’s real value is through a professional appraisal. Rug making is an art form, and you should treat your rugs as such. We provide the only certified rug appraisal service worth your time in the Kentucky area.

    Rug owners who are interested in selling their rug or having it insured should always consult a professional rug appraisal expert. Also, it is necessary in order to come up with the most accurate number possible for your very unique rug.

    The process firstly starts with understanding the relation between a rug’s motifs, symbols and its country of origin. Secondly, we are aware of all of the details within the fibers of that rug to deliver that symbolism. Although, who else in Kentucky other than David Khazai is qualified to evaluate your rug’s worth?

    Why rug appraisals are necessary:

    Insurance Purposes

    Collateral Loan Agreements

    Charitable Contributions

    Detailed descriptions include:




    Replacement Retail Value




    Accepted by:

    City/State/Federal Courts

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

    Estate Planning Professionals

    Insurance Firms

    Appraisal Certificate

    Khazai takes great pride and care into securing your rug’s value on paper, we also keep digital photos, notes and a digital copy of the appraisal for our records, which allows us to produce a new original copy for you if needed in the future and for your security, all of the appraisal work is kept in our office.

    Our mission is to provide reputable and accurate Oriental, Persian, antique rug appraisals for rug owners in Kentucky and beyond. More than anything we want the rug tradition and culture to continue to thrive into the coming years.

    Please order below or call us to get your rug’s worth certified and clarified because we plan to protect and preserve your rugs!

    appraisal Certificate

    Certified team of Khazai are here for you.