About Khazai Rugs

Khazai Rug Outlet is the “Most Trusted Name” in the Rug Industry in the area since 1988. The Khazai family has been deeply involved in the producing, cleaning, and restoration of Oriental, Persian, and antique rugs for over five generations.
David Khazai, CEO and President, has come by his unparalleled knowledge of Oriental rugs the old-fashioned way – his family has been in the business for decades. Directly involved for much of his life in every phase of the industry, from design to production, from distribution to wholesale and retail sales, from cleaning to repair and restoration. David is recognized internationally for his expertise in the Oriental rug business. Perhaps more importantly, he has brought new world thinking to an old-world enterprise.

David Khazai grew up around the business with a passion for learning the whole process. His playground as a child was his father’s wholesale operation and cleaning center. Over the last decade, he has visited rug weaving centers and cleaning facilities worldwide to bring the best practices to Maryland. His commitment is to keep all of the processes 100% green.

David has written six books about Persian and Oriental Rugs to share his passion and commitment with consumers, sharing knowledge about the small window of opportunity to acquire this form of art at unbelievable prices.

Over the last 30 years, we have been serving Kentucky and DMV with over 40,000 satisfied clients.

Our service stands out because

Our service

Why Us?

Cleaning rugs is much trickier than you might think. The rugs’ fine material, delicate texture, and natural dyes are sensitive and can get ruined if cleaned incorrectly. There are so many people out there claiming they can take care of your rug but do they all have the required knowledge and expertise? At Khazai Rug Cleaning, we are built off five generations of experience in the rug industry and have been in Washington since 1988. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you with any issue.

Our team takes social responsibility very seriously

For example, at Khazai Rug Cleaning, we use sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning materials to accomplish our duty to the Earth & your health. However, that is the least a cleaning service can do. We have decided to donate a portion of the profit from cleaning and repairing your rugs to a charity for the blind. This charity helps blind weavers.
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