Rug hole repair

Rug Hole Repair

Rug Hole repair is a MUST to sustain rug value. A rug hole can devalue the rug almost immediately. However, this actually often happens over a longer period of time. 

One of the biggest threats to your fine area rug is a condition called Dry-Rot that occurs when various types of molds, mildews, and fungi begin eating away at the foundation of your rug. Pay attention to areas of your rug that may be exposed to moisture or pools of water. This can be due to either high humidity or water from leaks or flooding. You should avoid putting potted plants on top of rugs for these reasons. Dry-rot must be caught in the early stages if you want to avoid permanent damage to your rug or any loss to your rug worth. If the damage is not caught early enough, dry-rot will deteriorate the foundation of your rug and cause the rug to fall apart. This damage is irreversible. 

Thankfully there is one solution. 

Expert rug repair weavers, such as those at Khazai Rug Cleaning, can help you by repairing or reweaving the damage!

rug hole repair

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