Pet Stain Removal

    Removal Experts!

    We know you love your fluffy friends and we also know they love your rug as much as you do. 

    Just ask our dog, Palmer! There is no better feeling to your pup than laying on a nice Persian rug and as pet owners know, no matter how well you train them, accidents are unavoidable. 

    Let our experts take care of this! With over 30 years experience, Khazai Rug Cleaning has seen it all! Furthermore, we offer the most expertise in Kentucky on the topic of pet stain removal for your beautiful oriental or Persian rugs.

    Due to the crystallized nature of this kind of stains, professional cleaning is essential to save your rug. Khazai Rug Cleaning can not only remove the stain from your rug, but we will also take the bad odor and crystallized urine out with it. KRC’s pet stain removal process has been refined by rug experts over the years because we want the whole family to be happy!

    Urine Damage

    This type of urine Damage penetrates the fibers and contaminates both the rug and the flooring material below. Pets have a tendency to urinate in the same general location. Once they have marked their spot, it can be challenging to break this habit and re-occurrence of this incident can cause significant damage and contamination to your rug. Even after the liquid has evaporated, the problem only gets worse. Crystals that are formed, are even more concentrated and more difficult to remove. 

    Simple cleaning will not remove the odor; and to make matters worse, these crystals can be reactivated when exposed to moisture and could also cause issues with coloring by either dying your rug yellows or causing the dye to run. Professional cleaning is the best way to solve these problems.

    pet stain

    Odor Removal

    Another concern of pet owners with area rugs in their homes is the strong odor of urine stains. Not only do pet accidents weaken, damage, bleach, bleed and stain area rugs, the odors are also very hard to remove.

    Have you ever wondered why this smell is so difficult to remove from your rug? 

    Blame the uric acid!

    Because it forms salts and crystals that bind to rug fibers and are hard to clean and get rid of. As these crystals are exposed to water or moisture from the air, they continually release their smell, as demonstrated on humid days. However, attempts by pet owners to remove stains and odors from area rugs are often unsuccessful and In fact, they often make the situation worse. 

    Expert area rug cleaners can help you to have your rugs look beautiful and healthy all year round.

    Cat Urine

    The most difficult substance to remove from wool rugs is cat urine and this is due to simple biology. 

    Did you know that Cats, as a species, originated from the desert? In order to survive, they needed to be able to retain as much water as possible. This need resulted in felines developing a longer “Loop of Henle,” the part of the kidney responsible for the filtration and concentration of urine. To be prepared for harsh desert climate’s, the feline kidney is able to extract every last bit of water from their urine…

    A cat’s urine is extremely concentrated and contains very little to no water. If you own a wool rug that has had cat urine on it at some point, another cat may notice that the rug has been peed on before and will do it again. Damage can be avoided if it is neutralized by having your rug professionally cleaned.

    Cat Stain

    Dog Urine

    Contains roughly 95% water and 5% water-soluble organic materials and ions and turns the grass yellow because of the elevated levels of nitrogen in the urine and this causes the grass to burn and is much more concentrated than human urine. 

    To effectively remove dog urine, we must first determine the pH level of the stain in order to formulate a cleansing solution. It will effectively break down and clean the stain. Dog urine contains:

    • urea
    • creatinine
    • sodium
    • potassium
    • chloride
    • inorganic

    and organic compounds including uric acid; that can acquire strong odors due to bacterial action and the release of ammonia.

    Do you want to remove stains from your rug?