Premium Wash

Khazai Rug Cleaning services are your area rug cleaning solution for Oriental, Persian, and antique rugs from Louisville to Lexington KY. Protect your investment with professionally cleaned area rugs by the best around!

Generational expertise has refined our rug cleaning service to a science. We safely repair and deep clean your delicate area rugs to a brilliant finish restoring. its long lasting value every time and that is why we are the best local rug cleaning service in Kentucky.

Deep shampooing is the signature component of our Premium Wash. This is the key part of our superior rug cleaning service. The only rug cleaning service in our facility that gives you the top rug cleaning result to sustain the appreciating value of your fine area rug. We take a 100% organic approach with regard to the various pH levels within your rug to guarantee it is optimally cleaned.

We take care of: Pet puke, Child puke, Urine damage and more

Each rug cleaning process varies per rug and we take your rug’s value very seriously. Our heavy duty rug shampooing process sanitizes, deodorizes, disinfects your fine rug to the fullest extent. This is our superior rug cleaning service.

Our stain removal process guarantees 80-98% of stain removal. Urine treatment is also a signature component included in this package. Since we are local industry experts, we take on previously unsolvable rug cleaning problems that the other rug cleaners in Louisville and Lexington couldn’t fathom solving for you. This, among many other reasons, is why KRC is the best local rug cleaning service and the overall #1 KY rug cleaning company. We are the only solution to all of your rug problems and the superior rug cleaning experts in Kentucky.

Premium Wash
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