Water Damage

Khazai relies on fifth-generation expertise to serve you with the highest quality Rug Restoration in Louisville, KY. We sincerely believe that rugs always have a chance to regain their first-day look. We have proven that by successfully restoring thousands of precious area rugs in Louisville, KY, as well as the whole of Kentucky and Southern Indiana since the 1980s.

How We Treat The Water Damage

Water damage doesn’t hit all the rugs in the same way. It depends on the:

Rug's Age

Rug's Origin

Rug's Weaving Construction

How Long The Rug Has Been Exposed To The Water

That’s why closely examine the rug with water damage to customize the Rug Restoration process based on its characteristics. That way, we can make sure the stains and odors are perfectly removed without hurting the rug itself.

Our 100% Solution For Water Damage

At Khazai Rug Cleaning, we don’t just focus on wiping off the stain one way or another. But we try to restore the rug without risking your health by using chemical solutions. Since we know how damaging the chemical-based solutions are to a rug and the people walking on it, we have developed our 100% organic solution for Rug Restoration! This innovative solution is made of organic, toxic-free, allergen-free, and safe ingredients to clean off the stains and odors while being absolutely gentle to your kids, pets, and rugs.

The Most Common Issues Related to Water Damage Water is the essence of life element for every living creature, and that also applies to the ones that live inside your rug, eat off the fibers and weaken its foundation, such as:
Water is responsible for various damages and defects to an area rug and leaves them worn out, stiffy, pierced, and stinky. Rugs placed in the areas of your house with the highest moisture and possibility of liquid stains such as the kitchen rug, outdoor rug, and laundry rug are so vulnerable to water damages.
persian rug cleaning
persian rug cleaning
persian rug cleaning
Commercial stain remover and carpet cleaners won’t be able to help you clean the water damages because they only wipe off the surface and water damage happens in the depth of the rug’s foundation. It would be best if you ask for a Rug Restoration service from a professional rug cleaning company. Only a rug expert can:

Use the correct solution to root out the microorganisms caused by water damage without damaging the rug

Repair the worn-out areas

Clean the rug perfectly to make it look brand-new

To undo the water damage to your valuable rugs, please give us a call today for free estimates and more info on the top-quality Rug Restoration in Louisville, KY!
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