The Top-Quality Rug Side Binding Repair in Louisville, KY

Why do rugs unravel? The story starts on the rug sides. Constant foot traffic, harsh vacuuming, pet chew, and carpet beetles are the biggest enemies of the rug side bindings.

If the side bindings become loosened, the damage will extend to the rug foundation, and finally, the whole rug will come apart. Sometimes the rug edges curl up because you’ve forgotten to put a rug pad under them to balance the foot traffic pressure.

Curled edges not only ruin the rug’s look, they lead to unraveling in the future. If you keep ignoring the damages on the side bindings, it might cost you a valuable area rug.

It’s far more time-consuming and challenging to repair an entirely unraveled rug rather than a damaged side binding. So it’d be best if you ask a Rug Repair expert to fix rug edges as soon as you notice any damage to the side bindings of your area rugs.

 Binding Repair Before  Binding Repair After

The Process of Rug Side Binding Repair

As an essential part of our Oriental Rug Repair service, we overcast hand-sewn new bindings to your damaged Oriental rugs. We use matching dyes and material to give, and consistent and untouched look to your rug after the rug repair is done.

Where to Find the Best Rug Side Binding Repair?

Khazai is proud to serve you with the best-in-class Rug Repair in Louisville, KY. Fifth-generation legacy in the rug business supports the quality of our comprehensive Rug Repair Services. Here at Khazai Rug Cleaning, certified Rug Repair experts are in charge of your damaged rugs. Our team is well-trained and ready to solve any issues with rugs.

We deeply appreciate the value of rugs and try our best to treat them perfectly according to their condition and features. You’ll see your damaged area rugs in their original appeal if you call our Rug Store in Louisville, KY, at (502) 630-4500.

We have a huge club of happy customers in Southern Indiana, Louisville, Lexington, Prospect, Frankfort, Elizabethtown, Georgetown, and other surrounding areas in Kentucky. Your place is always reserved in this club! Feel free to call us today for more info and no-obligation estimates on our Rug Hole Repair service.

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