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Keeping your area rugs clean can significantly increase their lifespan. Pet urine, dust, dirt, bacteria, and pollen are among many contaminants that get trapped in the foundation of your area rugs. Allowing these contaminants to sit in the foundation for an extended period can gradually destroy your rug, reducing its value and ruining its beauty. Home rug cleaning helps but cannot clean deep into the rug’s foundation. That’s why it is essential to clean your rugs professionally every year.
We have been providing the highest standard area rug cleaning in Louisville, KY since the 1980s by putting fifth-generation expertise into practice. We know how to buy a rug, sell a rug, trade a rug, and treat a rug while cleaning to restore its original fresh look without damaging it. Our professional rug cleaning team inspects your stained area rugs before they enter our 10-step rug cleaning process to customize the best rug cleaning solution based on the material, age, weave, dyes, and condition.
As we put our customers’ health as the top priority, we use our own patented 100% organic solutions on rugs, which is safe for kids and pets. We proudly serve you with free pickup & delivery that guarantees your cleaned area rug to return home in less than 72 hours. All rugs that enter our warehouse are insured, although we have never had to use our insurance.

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Scroll down to find out more about the 10-step journey that your rug will take in full details:


Pre Inspection

Area rug cleaning begins with a thorough inspection of the rug to customize the best exclusive solution based on its age, material, origin, construction, and type of stain. In this section, we also detect if your area rug needs repair service or not.
rug inspection


Rug Dusting

Dust and dirt removal is the most critical step to preserving the life of a rug. That’s why your grandma used to take the rugs outside and beat them to get the dust out. Regular vacuuming at home won’t remove the deep-stuck dust. In this step, we perform this traditional method with cutting-edge technology to gently agitate the area rug to get the dust and dirt out of it.
rug dusting


Rug Flooding

The most effective way to clean an area rug is to soak the rug in water completely. The centuries-old method of immersing rugs in a mountain river’s cold water has been replaced by submerging the entire rug in our specially constructed shallow bath.
rug flooding


Rug Washing

Here, our rug experts use a customized 100% organic rug cleaning solution that is strong enough to remove stains and gentle enough to be harmless to the rug itself. This part is also done all by hand to deep scrub and pull out the entire dirt and odors trapped inside the area rug’s fibers. Our patented rug cleaning solution is toxic-free and safe for your kids, pets, and rugs.
rug washing


Rug Rinsing

After rug washing, it’s time to rinse the rug and remove the residual solutions in it. This part is tricky and only a rug expert should be in charge of it because carpet cleaners use pressure washers on the rug to flush out the water, which may damage the rug.
rug resining


Water Extraction

In this part of our 10-step area rug cleaning process, we remove the remaining water with a powerful but gentle extractor to get the most of the moisture out of the rug as quickly as possible. Without water extraction, the area rug would be the prey to dry rots, mold, and mildew.
rug extracting


Rug Drying

To completely make sure no moisture is left inside the rug’s foundation, we suspend the area rug on a drying rack and use an air mover on it. This part is so essential in rug cleaning because it ensures us that your area rug won’t be an incubator for bugs, mold, and mildew once you take it back home.
rug grooming


Rug Fringe Cleaning & Grooming

This part of the process, which is done by hand, requires extra attention and an exclusive solution for the rug fringe. If your rug has a type of pile that tends to come loose and stick out over the rest, then our professional grooming will help trim these parts down to give your rug a smooth, flat surface.
rug fringe



As the last essential touch in the process of Area Rug Cleaning, we soften the area rug’s fibers to bring back its warm and plush feel that will embrace your feet each time you walk on it.


Final Rug Inspection

And finally, our team closely inspects the just-cleaned area rug to check the quality of the service and see if it has met our high standards. Our expert team is committed to remaining the best rug cleaner in Louisville, KY.
rug fringe
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