Rug Storage in Washington DC

What is a rug storage service?

A rug storage service involves the professional and secure storage of rugs in a controlled environment to preserve their quality and condition. This service typically includes carefully cleaning, rolling, and packaging rugs. It also requires using specialized materials such as a rug storage bag or racks. By protecting rugs from dust, humidity, and potential damage, a rug storage service ensures that valuable rugs remain in optimal condition when they are not being used.

How does our Rug Storage Service work?

Curious about how our rug storage service functions and what tools we use? Let us walk you through the process. When you entrust your precious rugs to us, we ensure their safety with utmost care. We start by assessing the specific needs of your rugs and selecting the appropriate storage solution. Then, we prepare the necessary equipment based on your rug’s requirements. 

For example, a rugged storage box has sturdy construction and durable materials to shield rugs from potential damage, dust, and moisture. On the other hand, a rug bag storage solution involves placing rugs in specialized storage bags designed to protect them from environmental elements. These bags are typically made from breathable yet protective materials, preventing dust buildup and offering a barrier against moisture. A rug storage rack also provides an organized and controlled environment for storing rugs. The racks are designed to hold rolled or folded rugs vertically, maximizing space efficiency.

Once we’ve chosen the ideal storage method and tools, our experts meticulously clean and prepare your rugs for storage. This involves gentle cleaning techniques to remove any dust or dirt that might have accumulated. After cleaning, your rugs are carefully rolled and secured, ready to be placed in the chosen storage solution. Our state-of-the-art rug storage rack provides a controlled environment, safeguarding your rugs from temperature fluctuations and humidity. With our comprehensive approach, your rugs remain pristine until you’re ready to have them grace your living space again.

Why do you need rug storage service?

The following video will help you learn how Khazai can help preserve your rug to sustain its worth.

Our rug storage keeps your Persian, Oriental, or Antique rug safe, guaranteed!

Folded Storage

Storing rugs for the long-term usually entails folded rug storage. Before storing, the rug should be cleaned by professional rug cleaners to avoid deterioration during storage.

We wrap the rug with either newspaper or tobacco to prevent moth damage. Covering an oriental rug with plastic typically prevents the rug from breathing which can lead to odor problems.

Short Term Storage

For storing rugs short-term, we fold the rug using a trifold technique.

Then, we place it on an elevated platform a few inches off the ground to prevent any possible damage from water or other liquids.

Long Term Storage

If storage is long-term, it is best to roll the rug tightly and tie it with a rope. The rugs will still need to be elevated. With more oversized rugs, we have to lean them against the wall, still elevated to avoid damages.

We store your rugs away from moths!

Moths are particular pests that eat animal fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere, angora, or other materials containing keratin. However, they only eat fibers that are idle and undisturbed.

What do we mean by that? For example, think about the portion of a rug under a bed or a couch. That spot rarely sees any disturbances such as foot traffic or vacuuming. This is their ideal meal.

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