Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs have significant value because they’re handmade and unique works of fine art. That’s why they should be treated and maintained to preserve their ever-evolving value.

Main Factors Of Contamination

Foot traffic

Pet urine stains

Harsh vacuuming

Bugs such as moth and carpet beetle

The factors above are the main factors contaminating Oriental rugs over years. But if you take good care of these rugs by getting a proper Oriental rug cleaning service for them, they can even outlive you and pass them down to your descendants. The person in charge of Oriental rug cleaning must have comprehensive knowledge to know different types of Oriental rugs to come up with the best cleaning solution for each to clean them perfectly without bringing any harm to them.

That’s why you should not take your Oriental rugs to carpet cleaners and dry cleaners because they’ll use a hot steam cleaner, which works well on carpets but ruins the delicate natural fibers and dyes in your Oriental rugs. Khazai Rug Cleaning has been offering the best Oriental Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, backed up with a 150-years legacy in the rug industry.

Our 10-Step Process For Oriental Rug Cleaning

with fifth-generation expertise, our rug cleaning experts are perfectly knowledgeable about rugs. Each Oriental rug is one-of-a-kind, so it needs a customized Oriental rug cleaning solution to remove the entrapped dust, dirt, and stain without bringing any harm to the rug fibers and dyes. That’s why at the first step, we inspect each Oriental rug that enters our warehouse thoroughly to find out their:

These help to customize an oriental rug cleaning process based on those specifications. Those details help us customize the most optimum rug cleaning process to get the best results for your valuable rugs without bringing any harm to them. That’s quite essential as all rugs, especially handmade ones, are unique. Thus, they should be treated uniquely, and that also should be taken into account while cleaning them. Without customizing the rug cleaning process, stains won’t be completely removed, and the rug itself would be at risk.
jute rug cleaning
jute rug cleaning
jute rug cleaning

Our 100% Green Approach Toward Oriental Rug Cleaning

Helping rugs restore their brand-new look since the 1980s, we know what severe consequences the chemical cleaners have on Oriental rugs and the people who walk on them. The Disadvantage of The Chemical Cleaners

burning the wool and silk fibers in your Oriental rug

disturbing the pH balance

causing rug color bleeding

triggering allergic reactions in people and pets such as asthmatic attacks, irritation in the eyes, and inflammation on the skin

toxic to the water and soil resources in the environment

The issues above inspired us to put our fifth-generation expertise into practice and develop our patented 100% green solution for Oriental rug cleaning! This solution is made of all-natural and chemical-free components that are gentle to your kids, pets, and rugs but have no mercy on the stains. Today is the best day to restore your Oriental rugs’ first-day appeal, so please get in touch with us for free estimates and more info on the top-quality Oriental rug cleaning in Louisville, KY!

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