Rug Repair Services

    Rug Repair Services

    Rug Repair and Restoration includes

    Antique Rug Repair and Restoration

    Bug, Moth, and Carpet Beetle damage repair

    Cuts and Tear Repair

    Foundation Repair

    Hole Repair

    Mold Damage Rug Repair


    Appraisal Services

    Color Restoration

    Flatweave Rug Repair

    Fringe Repair/Replacement

    Mildew Treatments

    Overcasting and Stitching

    Tapestry Restoration

    Rug Inspection

    An essential step in the rug cleaning and repair process is the inspection of the rug. At Khazai Rug Cleaning, our experts start with identifying all aspects of your oriental rugs to determine the best treatment and cleaning techniques which are based on many factors such as the rug condition, rug type, age, pattern, origin, rug foundation, knotting type, fringe, color and fiber content.

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    Hole Repair

    Holes in your rug may happen in many ways and come in all different shapes and sizes. Here at Khazai Rugs we fix holes by inserting a new foundation, weaving in new pile and matching the original design of your rug. You can always rely on expert craftsmanship here at Khazai Rugs.

    Tear Repair

    A tear in your rug happens when the foundation becomes weak from age or dry rot and breaks apart over time. We insert new foundation threads to secure the rug and prevent new tears from occurring in the future. Your rug will last for many years to come.

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    Fringe Repair

    There are many ways the fringe can become damaged, but we have a variety of ways to repair it. We can reinforce the damaged area so it doesn’t come apart, reduce the end of the rug slightly securing the foundation into fringes or insert original fringe into the area.

    Binding Repair

    The edge of your rug might be getting worn from foot traffic or coming apart from carpet beetle damage and starting to unravel, thus exposing the rug to further damage. We fix this by matching the color of your rug, and sewing new overcasting by hand to cover up the damage. When we are done the rug repairs on the binding it will look brand new again.

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    Dry Rot Repair

    Dry Rot is caused by prolonged exposure to water or pet urine in your rug. There may have been a pot or planter which continuously leaked into your rug unnoticed for a long time. Or perhaps a pet may have used the same spot on your rug for a long time. Your rug may now have a crack or a hole as a result of the foundation weakening and breaking from dry rot.This problem can be repaired by removing the weak areas and inserting a new foundation and weaving in the pile. Another option is patching the rug with a solid fragment from another rug with a similar color. As a fifth generation family based business, you can count on our experience and training to revive and protect your investment.

    Repair Inspection

    The final step in our repair process is the Final Inspection. This is where a rug is thoroughly checked to make sure that all of the services were correctly performed and the rug meets our high standards of excellence.

    Khazai Rugs guarantees all repair services. During the final inspection step, the 5th generation owners in the rug industry will inspect every rug to ensure it meets expert standards. If any part is not up to the standard, your rug will go back through the repair process again.

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