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We are your one and only true source in your quest for exceptional rug repair and restoration services. We have been repairing and restoring rugs for over 30 years now, and we know that you rug repair experience with us will like no other. Our service and final result it so good, we have even trained our competitors.


There are many ways that the fringe of your rug might become damaged. There are a few different ways of repairing this. We either leave the damage and reinforce it so it doesn’t come apart, add new fringe to the area, or trim off some of the rest of the rug to even it out.


A rip in your rug happens when the foundation wears out and breaks apart. This typically happens with antique rugs which have had a lot of traffic over time. We work to secure these rips and prevent new rips from appearing in the future. This is why we are experts in antique rug repair.

Rug Hole Repair (before)BEFORE


Holes in your rug of all different shapes and sizes are able to be repaired. We fix holes by filling in the missing foundation, inserting new pile, and matching the original design of your rug.

A photo process is shown here.

rug restoration (before)BEFORE
rug restoration (after)AFTER


The edge of your rug might come apart and start to unravel, thus exposing the rug to further damage. We fix this by matching the color of your rug, and sewing new binding by hand to cover up the damage. When we are done y our rug will look just like new.

overcast repair (before)BEFORE
overcast repair (after)AFTER
repairing a rug binding (before)BEFORE
repairing a rug binding (after)AFTER


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My semi-antique rug was cleaned and repaired in a short time. It looks new! clean! with an excellent repair job! Thank you Khazai!

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I bought 2 rugs from Khazai Rugs 15 years ago and we just love them…Over the years the vacuum wore the fringe down and needed repair. Yas, the sales manager/owner, helped us get the rugs repaired and cleaned. They did an excellent job, we’re very pleased with the results. We are also impressed with their cleaning facility and expertise.


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Recently I had 11 oriental rugs picked up from my home in Frankfort for cleaning. Two young men came to pick up the rugs and expertly examined them. It was discovered that repair work should be done due to carpet weevil damage, which they showed me; damage also due to wear and tear .. I agreed to have all of the work done. The carpets came back looking like totally new carpets…clean, repairs done and just, simply perfect. Those 2 young men… were the most courteous, helpful, nice men, they moved everything out of the way and put everything back exactly how it was originally placed.