Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique Rugs are beyond just floor covering; they’re actually hand-knotted investments. An Antique Rug has already proven its durability and high quality by sustaining over decades. Just like how you keep the jewelry and gold bars in a safe, you should take the utmost care of your Antique Rugs to preserve their expanding value. If you take good care of your Antique Rug, you might be the person that breaks the $33M record of Sotheby’s Antique Rug auction! Usually, these precious rugs are vulnerable to:

Tear and wear by foot traffic

Water damages by flooding

Bug damages such as carpet beetle and moth

Color fading because of sun exposure

Color bleeding because of incorrect rug cleaning methods

Antique Rugs consist of very delicate and sensitive fibers, and typical carpet cleaning methods like hot steam cleaners and pressure washing utterly burn the fibers, unravel the rug foundation, and cause rug color bleeding. A damaged Antique Rug loses its significant value, so don’t risk them and let a certified rug expert take the responsibility of Antique Rug Cleaning. At Khazai Rug Cleaning, we take advantage of fifth-generation expertise in the rug industry to serve you with the best-qualified Antique Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY, and all the neighboring regions. All the rugs that enter our wash department are fully insured; however, we haven’t used our insurance since the first day!

Our 10-Step Process For Antique Rug Cleaning

Thanks to our 150-years legacy in the rug industry, we know one rug cleaning method won’t fit all rugs because they all have different:

That’s why we thoroughly inspect each Antique Rug at the beginning to find out its unique specifications and customize the best possible Antique Rug Cleaning process for it to ensure it’s entirely cleaned and healthy after we’re done with it. Our Antique Rug Cleaning service consists of a comprehensive 10-step process to remove the deep-stuck dust, clean off the stains, and restore the rug’s original look.

antique rug cleaning
antique rug cleaning
antique rug cleaning

Our 100% Green Approach Toward Antique Rug Cleaning

To safeguard you and your precious Antique Rugs against the consequences of chemical solutions, we have developed our own 100% green rug cleaning solution. It’s made of organic, biodegradable, chemical-free, and allergen-free materials to attack the stains and germs without bringing any harm to your kids, pets, and rugs. Chemical cleaners constantly threaten your Antique Rug by:

Causing rug color bleeding

Burning the rug fibers

Triggering allergic reactions in people and pets, such as asthmatic attacks, irritation in the eyes, and skin inflammations



Your Antique Rug deserves excellent treatment, so please give us a call today for a free estimate or more details about the second-to-none Antique Rug Cleaning in Louisville, KY!
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