Jute Rug Cleaning – The Best Way To Clean These Trendy Rugs

Jute rug cleaning, There’s a reason why jute rugs are so popular, and you can see them almost everywhere. Their organic and sustainable material makes them a great fit for even for choosy people. Yet, they need to be cleaned properly. In this article, you’ll learn how to clean a jute rug, plus other stuff you should know about these trendy carpets.

What is a jute rug made of?

What is a jute rug made of?

Jute rugs are considered a recyclable type of rug as they are made of plants and natural fabrics. Moreover, not every washing detergent is suitable for cleaning jute rugs. Each of them has unique characteristics that should be considered by the company in charge of jute rug cleaning, such as:

  • Age
  • Dye
  • Origin
  • Type of Stain

Determining the aforementioned, help the experts come up with the best solution to perfectly clean a jute rug without harming it.

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Main factors of a jute rug’s contamination

No wonder,  jute rugs bring natural excellence to any house. These rugs consist of high-quality plant fibers, usually in their original tan color. The durability of a jute rug makes it a perfectly useful and eco-friendly area rug. Although, jute rugs have less colorful patterns and designs, they get easily stained and dirty by many factors that are listed below:

  • Mold and mildew: They decay a jute rug’s foundation and cause unpleasant stains and odors.
  • Pet urine stains: They leave unpleasant yellowish stains and terrible stinks.
  • Drink spills: Especially coffee, juice, and soft drinks that contain a lot of sugar. They damage a jute rug’s natural color and attract many destructive microorganisms to it.

Why cleaning a jute rug is a professional task? 

An amateur or unskilled carpet cleaner shouldn’t be in charge of jute rug cleaning as they do not have enough experience to determine the best harmless ingredients to remove the stains. Chemical-based detergents have adverse effects on jute rugs, severely harming their natural fibers, burning the threads, and bleeding color. Those chemical detergents have harsh side effects for you and your lovely pets, such as:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Coughing 
  • Skin rashes 
  • Irritation in the nose and eyes

In addition to these consequences, your beautiful would get damaged and torn down by cleaning it unprofessionally. Therefore, you better ask a rug cleaning expert with a long-standing reputation and expertise to be in charge of cleaning your jute rug. We pride ourselves in serving you with the best rug cleaning service in Louisville, Lexington, and other cities throughout Kentucky.

We have been serving jute rug owners in Kentucky and Southern Indiana to restore the brand-new look of their rugs since the 1980s.

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Our 10-step process for jute cleaning

Our process for jute rug Cleaning begins with fully examining the stained jute rug to determine the best method to remove it. Then, our professional rug cleaning team customizes a 10-step process that ideally removes the stains and odors without harming your valuable jute rug.

Our 100% green approach toward jute rug cleaning

The organic fibers of a jute rug are vulnerable to improper rug cleaning techniques and harsh chemical cleaners. We know the actual value of your rugs and the importance of keeping them well-maintained for a long time. Therefore, finding the best solution for protecting the organic fibers of a jute rug motivated us to come up with a 100% natural solution for cleaning it. 

This innovative method excellently eliminates the unpleasant odor and stain in your jute rug while it’s totally safe for your kids and pets. This revolutionary solution consists of organic, non-toxic, and allergen-free components that protect you, your jute rugs, and the environment.

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The Khazairugcleaning team is here to give you a hand in cleaning and caring for your priceless rugs. Your jute rug will be taken care of in the most professional and appropriate way by the hands of our experts. For a free estimate and more information on the highest quality jute rug cleaning in Louisville and Lexington, KY, please contact us today by dialing (502) 200-5030 or (859) 365-8080 or simply requesting a quote.

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