Khazai’s Certified Rug Appraisal

RUG APPRAISAL BY DAVID KHAZAI’S TEAM We regularly prepare rug appraisals for rugs. Rug appraisals meet a wide array of needs, including insurance purposes, collateral loan agreements, and charitable contributions. Your rugs are described in detail, which includes origin, design, condition, construction, dimensions, age, and retail replacement value. The final legal document signed personally…

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10 Shocking Reasons To Take Your Shoes Off In Your Home


1. Cultural Background of Removing Shoes Growing up, my neighbors were from Iran. In numerous nations like Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavian nations, and so on, removing shoes is common practice, when entering somebody’s home. The custom of removing shoes is far-reaching likewise in Eastern countries like Japan, Korea, and Turkey. In these nations, it is…

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